Teaching in Argentina

If you are looking for work in Argentina or any country in South America, you are at a great advantage of being a native English speaker.

Argentina is a country with a growing economy. The capital, Buenos Aires, is one of the main cities in South America where businesses are always growing and expanding. With a population of over 13 million, Buenos Aires offers many job opportunities in teaching English.

Argentina Mark 9 Argentines tend to be very interested and friendly people who are always eager to learn. For them, English is of great importance when looking for work as it offers them a much greater chance of employment opportunities.

There are many small institutes where you can find work ranging from one-on-one teaching in peoples’ homes to small classes to teaching English for companies. The teaching could be basic conversation classes, or for advanced learners, it could be teaching grammar and more technical language. Bringing a CV and attending an interview is usually enough to get started. A TEFL qualification will put you at a more significant advantage. The basic pay for an EFL teacher could range from $15 – $30 Argentine pesos ($4 – $8) per hour. In an institute, you will have a more structured day of work. However, if teaching privately, it could depend on the client and could be quite unreliable due to their time table. This could incur frequent cancelations.

Good references for job seekers are ESL Jobs, TEFL.net, Dave’s ESL Cafe and the local English written newspaper The Buenos Herald.

There are also opportunities to teach in schools as a classroom assistant. This work would include taking small groups or individuals of children for workshops in reading or writing or covering teachers by taking a whole class and continuing with the subject which they are being taught. Obviously, this would be a very structured timetable. Schools usually begin at 8am and finish at 4pm. Wages could range from $1000 – $3000 pesos (USD $260 – $780) per month.

If looking to go to Argentina, you will certainly not be disappointed. Famed for its nightlife, meaty cuisine, tango, wine, football and sightseeing, you will not be returning home in a hurry.

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