Living And Teaching English In Argentina

For those who are looking to travel/work in South America, Argentina is an excellent choice of country. Being the 8th largest country in the world, it offers stunning and diverse scenery. From the hot, arid deserts in the north, to tropical forests, to the towering snowy peaks of the Andes right to the bottom tip of South America where gigantic glaciers can be found.

Argentina Mark 7 The best starting place for all of this is the bustling capital city – Buenos Aires. With a population of over 13 million people, there is always something exciting going on. You can go to see the world famous football derby of River Plate and La Boca. Dance the night away in one of the many excellent clubs in the city. Relax and enjoy a traditional barbecue with some of the best meat you will ever have, or take a boat trip around the fascinating river delta. The city has a very European feel to it and welcomes visitors either to work or to just see and enjoy the place.

If planning to live in Argentina, Buenos Aires is your best bet. There are many jobs opportunities in English teaching whether it is in schools or institutes. Although, other cities such as Cordoba, Neuqen, Salta or Mendoza do offer teaching work too.

Accommodation is readily available and flat sharing with other foreigners is a common set up. This greatly reduces your cost of living and you would be looking at paying between $1000 – $2000 pesos a month (USD $260 – $520).

Argentina Mark 11 Buenos Aires has a good transport system. There are 100s of different bus routes around the city and they run frequently all day and night. There is a large underground system which goes through all the main parts of the city. Taxis are an abundance in the city and cheap if going short distances. Trains are also frequent but are not the safest way of transport due to thieving. The long-distance buses are also a great way of getting around the country. Although a journey can take up to 28 hours, it is cheap and a very comfortable ride. If these long journeys do not attract you, there are planes which fly daily to many parts of the country.

The main language in Argentina is Spanish or Castellano. This differs greatly from traditional Spanish and may be confusing, to begin with. Many Argentines know at least a small amount of English and are always keen to practice with foreigners. However, it is worthwhile practicing up on your Spanish before you leave as this will put you at a great advantage in day-to-day tasks such as shopping. The locals will also appreciate this too and it is a good way of meeting new people.

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