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25 February 2014

So 2014 is upon us already and so I thought it a good time to update anyone who is following my story.

It was only this time last year that I had just about finished my 120 hour TEFL , my flights hadn't even been booked. It seems like only yesterday let me tell you.

For those that don't know, I moved here with my 12 year old son in March 2013 to start a new life and a new career. Previously I was just your average 30 year old worked 9-5 as a HR Administrator.

Serena and Matthew

People always ask me if I have had any regrets and the answer is 100% NO. I would be lying if I was to say it has all been plain sailing because believe me it hasn't. Once the holiday period is over (about 6 months) and it sinks in that Thailand is now home things do change a little bit. It's hard living in a town where I am the only single young foreign female. Not many people speak English here and I think out of everything that has been the biggest hurdle. I'm lucky as my dad lives nearby and his girlfriend is Thai so when I need to sort my internet out, speak to my landlady, speak to the pharmacist she does it all for me. I really don't know how I would cope here without her and also some very good friends.

With regards to teaching I am still loving every second of it! I know now that this was the job I was always meant to do. Even on a bad day I can walk into school see my kids faces and it makes the whole day better. My term is due to end in March and I haven't yet decided if I will sign a new contract or maybe look elsewhere.

Christmas in Thailand

I'm still working part time at the private language centre. This really boosts my earnings and is giving me great experience. In less than a year I have taught kids, teenagers, adults and business English which is all making my CV look amazing!

My son is the real marvel though. I didn't let on to my close ones just how nervous I was about bringing him to a foreign country at such a funny age but he has taken to everything so well.


We have had a few hiccups along the way and everything has been trial and error. I think I was very optimistic putting him into an all Thai school in the beginning but credit to him he gave it a whirl and lasted a whole term. He has been having private Thai language tutoring since we arrived and can now speak well as well as read and write a little bit....a lot more than he will let on if you ask him though. We homeschooled for a few months which has brought his English on amazingly and now he is on a months trial at a private school. This seems to be working out good so far. He has 60% of his lessons in English and it's really challenging him.

He enjoyed a visit home to see his family in the UK for the month of December and is now an experienced solo flyer...all at the tender age of 12!! He has settled into the laid back lifestyle very well and genuinely seems really happy he has loads of friends and even a girlfriend...can't be bad!

Living amongst real Thai people, working in a real Thai school and adjusting to a whole new culture can be really frustrating believe me but whenever I feel mad or homesick I get on my bike and drive to the beach, I look around at what I have now and instantly all the frustrations melt away.

I can't see us returning home anytime soon life is just too good here.

More soon...Serena

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