‘I Taught English Abroad’ – season 2 of our podcast is here!

‘I Taught English Abroad’ – season 2 of our podcast is here!

The TEFL Org’s ‘I Taught English Abroad’ podcast is back!

We were blown away by the response to our debut season, so we’re back with even more. It seems quite a lot of you wanted to hear authentic, original stories from people who’ve TEFL’d either from the comfort of their home office to the ends of the Earth, so we’ve scoured the industry for some of the most exciting voices.

Our series kicks off with Jason Levine, who you might know as Fluency MC. Now based in France, Levine tells us all about how his students filming his unusual tip for remembering irregular verbs eventually became a career in giving musical lessons to English learners around the globe. In case you’re wondering - yes, he raps to us.

We meet Ellie Rayner, who dreamt of becoming an English teacher in Japan, but never thought she could do it (spoiler: it might just have happened - find out how!). Sophie Oliver tells us how TEFL changed her life, from struggling to find creative work to teaching teens in Thailand. Melissa Thomson tells us about teaching refugees and asylum seekers in very surprising locations and going on to teach prospective TEFLers in Bangkok, Beijing and even further afield. We talk to Arthur Sanford, whose varied and fascinating TEFL career could cover several episodes, as well as Cheryl Obal, an industry-leading “cultural consultant”, and a very special guest to close the series.

Yes, it’s all happening. We’ve upped our game, and we can’t wait for you to hear the results. 

Whether you have aspirations to see the world, to teach English to appreciative students, or both, we’ve got you covered. We speak to people who are working in incredible locations, from Vietnam to Bilbao, the USA to Kyoto. It’s all happening.

Want to listen to ‘I Taught English Abroad’? Don’t worry, you’ll find us on your favourite streaming platform, whether it’s Apple Podcasts, Spotify or somewhere else! What’s more, you can leave reviews, share with your friends, or even get in touch to tell your own story of teaching English overseas.

Whether you want to listen at the gym, in your living room or on the go, get ready to be taken to the furthest reaches of planet Earth. Who knows - maybe you’ll find the episode that inspires you to get TEFL qualified?

‘Of Mics and Mentors: How rapping turned Jason Levine from TEFL teacher to Fluency MC’ is out today. Subscribe and follow us to get new episodes delivered directly to your feed.

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