How Much Can I Earn Teaching English in South America?

30 January 2014

Salaries ESL teachers earn vary across continents and as they are usually paid in local currency they should also be considered within the prism of the local living costs. Although South America is known not to be a top earning TEFL destination, ESL teachers in Peru earning will enjoy the same standard of living as a teacher in Spain, who earns more in absolute terms but also pays for a higher cost of living. Here's a breakdown of what you can typically expect to earn in some of our favourite TEFL destinations in South America.

Teaching English in Argentina

Teaching English In Argentina

Depending on the region and type of school you are working in, a full time TEFL salary is around 300-4000 ARS. The hourly rate for TEFL teachers can be anywhere between 20-70 ARS. Setting up private English tuition and informal language classes can be a great way to supplement your TEFL salary. Word of mouth and advertising locally is the best way to find students who want to learn English. On average TEFL teachers work about 25 hours per week.

Teaching English in Chile

Teaching English In Chile

The demand for TEFL teachers in Chile is strong as the country continues to push for English fluency. It is the business world that contains the highest demand for English to be taught. It is likely you will find a TEFL Job teaching English to small groups of business executives and employees.

You can also find work teaching English as a foreign language in private language schools where you can expect to be paid an average of 4000 - 5000 pesos per hour. In comparison to many other countries in South America this is quite high, although the living costs are also slightly higher here. Chile is not somewhere you should come to get rich, it is the experience of teaching in such a diverse and beautiful setting that will truly enrich your life!

Teaching English in Honduras

Teaching English In Honduras

TEFL teachers in Honduras will typically work in primary and secondary schools with classes of up to 35 students. The average pay for TEFL teachers in Honduras is $150-$400 per month. As the average cost of living is fairly low at $150-$300 you will find a TEFL salary goes a long way and will be comfortable to live on.

Teaching English in Venezuela

Venezuela A good command of the English language is necessary in a variety of sectors in Venezuela. The country is a major exporter of coffee, tropical food and petroleum goods and English is a valuable commodity in this rapidly developing country.

Most of the teaching English jobs can be found in the larger cities of Caracas, Valencia and Maracaibo where the majority of the population live. These cities are all major centres for commerce and industry which is why there is a high demand for TEFL teachers. You will also be teaching English near to the warm blue waters of the Caribbean, making Venezuela a paradise for beach-loving English teachers.

Venezuela is not a destination to get rich from TEFL teaching. The wages for teaching English abroad here are not very high. However, the opportunity to experience living in such a beautiful country with a rich culture is what draws people to the country rather than the wages.

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