Becoming An ESL Teacher

So, you’ve finished (or almost finished) your TEFL course and you’re wondering what you should do now? Well let’s assume that you took this course to teach English as a foreign language and let’s help you find a job!

The need for ESL teachers is forever growing around the world and you are now the perfect candidate. You can find thousands of TEFL jobs online offering a variety of different roles in several different countries. With this write up we hope to shed some light on the opportunities, sites and platforms that are out there!

Where To Look!

TEFL Org – First up is of course our very own Job Center. If you have purchased one of our courses, then you will have exclusive, life-long access to our own platform. Here you will find hundreds of EFL teaching opportunities. To keep updated on our Job Center then you can follow us on Twitter or sign up to our Newsletter. – One of the longest established and most popular international English Language Teaching job sites. Acting as conduit between teacher and employer since 1997 with over 110,000 registered ELT professionals and 21,000 employers. – Dedicated entirely to ESL teachers and staff, this is a free site where you can post your resume and find the job that best suits you. Their job center is updated daily with hundreds of international teaching roles.

ESL Base – Providing help and advice for English language teachers when it comes to finding work. ESL Base have a large amount of worldwide TEFL jobs updated daily. They aim to help you every step of your TEFL career.

LinkedIn – Now to list something that you may not think of as much, but LinkedIn can be an unbelievable place to find work. With the tag line ‘Find your new job today!’ it really could be possible. As it stands, I can see that there are over 41,000 ESL teacher jobs and 62,000 ‘TEFL teacher’ jobs listed on right now!

Other sites:

For online teaching jobs:

All respected job sites will do their best to vet the ads that are posted to ensure that they are legitimate, however, there are scam adverts out there and it’s important to always be cautious. Do your research and if anything doesn’t sound or feel right then you can always contact us for advice.

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