Long Stay Travel Insurance For UK and EU Residents

If you are doing any voluntary or paid teaching work while away from the UK, it is essential to be adequately protected against life’s unwelcome and unexpected events.

All travellers need comprehensive Travel Insurance for the duration of their travels overseas. You have exposure pre-departure, for cancellation, in transit, in the overseas country, for repatriation and if you wish to travel, including returning back to the UK, etc. Without proper protection, the potential costs for repatriation can be incredibly costly.

Which is why we are partnered with the UK’s only extended stay travel insurance specialists and recommend you take out the necessary travel insurance.  Click here for full details or to apply online through the fully automated, immediate system.

About Long Stay Travel Insurance for TEFL teachers

These travel insurance schemes run for one to twelve months inclusive, and plans can be extended as required.  One-way travel insurance is available for those choosing to emigrate from the UK.


Comprehensive – Includes all basic essential cover plus cover for hazardous activities
Basic  – Best value essential cover
Study Abroad – Includes course related cover and multiple journeys back to the UK

Travel Insurance Cover is still available if you:

  • Have already left the UK
    • Possible in theory, but difficult to get. Most companies allow you to purchase travel insurance even as late as in line for boarding. If you do acquire insurance post-travel, don’t expect to cover anything unexpected before purchase – a condition that cost uninsured travellers millions of pounds during the volcanic ash flight disaster in 2010.
  • Are emigrating from the UK
    • Look into One-Way Travel Insurance, often available as part of upgraded (i.e. non-basic) insurance cover.
  • Are a non-EU resident going home from the UK
    • Whether you are returning home for good or just visiting, you can find travel and health insurance policies willing to accommodate your needs. Non-EU residents may have to sign up as a non-EU resident before the cover activates but are entitled to the same travel insurance as EU residents.

Click here for full details or to apply online through the fully automated, immediate system.

Please Note: All travellers must complete the Underwriter’s extension document before renewing their insurance.

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