TEFL CVs – The Ultimate Guide (p9)

TEFL CV Guide – Part 9

Step 9 – Putting it all together

Once you have checked the content of your TEFL CV, check that you are happy with the layout, ensuring everything is neatly spaced. If you are over two pages, Paperclipsmallconsider how you could change wording to make your CV more concise or consider cutting information that doesn’t add much to your application.

Save your TEFL CV with an appropriate title, for example, “CV-JaneDoe-EnglishTeacher.doc”. When you are saving your CV, make sure it is in a format that is commonly used. .DOC files (Microsoft Word’s older and compatible versions) or .RTF (Rich Text Format) are usually best. .PDF (Portable Document Format) is also a good choice, with the added bonus that the file’s text formatting remains consistent across Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems – just be careful that the file size doesn’t balloon out of control. If you are sending a photograph as an attachment rather than in the CV itself, save it as a JPEG file and make sure the file size isn’t too big.

Have some good quality white paper ready if you are going to print some copies. Don’t choose another colour – bright pink or yellow may go straight in the bin!