TEFL CVs – The Ultimate Guide (p5)

Step 5 – Employment

Detail your previous employment in reverse chronological order, mentioning your position, the company or organisation you worked for, the location and the relevant dates. Include a couple of lines about your responsibilities and achievements in each position. Make sure that there is no missing information e.g. missing employment dates.tefl jobs

Try to ensure you only mention relevant activities to TEFL – be sure to highlight coaching and mentoring in the work place, organisation duties, giving presentations, or running any staff training. These skills are more important to a TEFL job application than writing in detail about the sort of cars a mechanic works on or being a qualified ice cream scooper.

If you are applying for a business English position, you may wish to include some more specifics when describing responsibilities in business related jobs, mentioning that you worked in areas such as negotiations, sales or finance.

Voluntary positions can also be added in here. Mention and emphasise any teaching, training or presentation experience. If you have experience as a teacher, classroom assistant, give an idea of the ages you worked with.

Make sure you keep the language very simple in this section. A foreign employer may not have English as a first language and even a native English speaker likely won’t understand complicated industry jargon, so you need to be sure your TEFL CV is clear and concise!


Employment to date

Sales Manager, A Big Store, London, UK (September 2006- Present)
Among my responsibilities, I have trained, mentored and coached new staff. I regularly give presentations to the management board and large groups from other organisations. I have regular weekly deadlines that must be met while managing and engaging with a team of 20.

Sales assistant, A Smaller Store, Hull (June 2003 – September 2006)
As well as my sales duties, I was responsible for developing relationships with suppliers and organising delivery schedules.