TEFL CVs – The Ultimate Guide (p3)

Step 3 – Including a photo

Alongside your personal information section is an excellent place to put a photograph of yourself. While not necessary for most jobs within the UK, many jobs abroad will ask for this. As you are not going to be interviewing in person, this is your chance to put a personal human touch on an otherwise dry stage of the application process.

Don’t just pick the first photo in your Facebook album – choose your TEFL CV photo carefully.

Remember the old wisdom that a picture tells a thousand words and consider what your chosen photograph says about you.

We’ve got a blog article on this subject that goes into greater detail, but the main tips of which are:
1 – Avoid passport photos
2 – Look like the ideal teacher – confident, friendly and professional
3 – Choose a good quality photograph
4 – Send the photo as an attachment, or as a small picture on your CV
5 – Use your common sense

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