TEFL CVs – The Ultimate Guide (p2)

Step 2 – Personal information

how to write a tefl cvImportant personal details to put right at the start of your TEFL CV are the basic contact details – name, address, email address and phone number – but also nationality and date of birth. These can be important criteria for jobs and visas in some countries and your TEFL CV could be put straight in the bin without it!

You could also add in your Skype username with your contact details as employers may wish to interview you this way. As with your email address, make sure the username is suitably professional!


Jane Doe

Email:             jdoe70012349@yahoo.co.uk
Address:          34 TEFL Way, Edindon, EL2 5DY
Telephone:       0044 1273725 200
Nationality:      British
Date of Birth:   23rd June 1981