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TEFL CV Writing Tips

TEFL CV – the ultimate guide

Completed your TEFL course and searching for your dream job abroad? Make sure you follow our TEFL CV guide to help you bag that job!
The Ultimate CV Guide

TEFL CV – dos and don’ts

Keep these handy tips in mind when creating your TEFL CV to impress employers worldwide.
Handy CV Tips

TEFL job application photos

Presenting yourself well is important when it comes to applying for any job. Follow our tips to make sure you look the part!
How to present yourself on applications

10 top tips to find your perfect TEFL job

There are many things to think about when applying for a job with TEFL. You don’t want to get information wrong, end up in a country you don’t like, or be unhappy with your contract. Find a TEFL job that suits you.
10 top tips to find your TEFL job

TEFL Job Application Help

TEFL and visas

Applying for a visa can be a little overwhelming if travelling is new to you. Find out more with this blog about applying for visas.
Learn more

TEFL hiring seasons abroad

Peak TEFL hiring seasons vary depending on which country you go to. Find out more about which countries hire, when!
Learn more

TEFL in Japan

Normally, you need to have a university degree to work in Japan. No degree? This blog shows how you can work in Japan using a Working Holiday Visa!
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TEFL Interview

Once you’ve passed your TEFL course, you should start prepping for those inevitable interview questions.
Learn more

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