Having issues logging in to your course? We are here to help.

Having issues logging in to your course?

These tips solve most problems that students report to us.

Check your login credentials:

Your username and password are case sensitive so please take care when entering the details. Also be aware of similar characters, for example uppercase O and zero and uppercase I, lowercase L and the number 1.

e.g. username: johnsmith@smith.com  password: 1234ABcD

If you are copying and pasting the information into the fields please make sure not to include any spaces before or after.

If you are able to login to your student account but receive an error on clicking ‘Go to course’ please try logging out and logging back in again to confirm the correct details are being used.

Check your browser:

Your browser

Browser view size:

Your OS (Operating System)

Your Location & IP address

Login status

Compatibility checks

Javascript enabled?No
Javascript needs to be enabled for our course player (and this compatability check) to function.
Cookies enabled?No
Local storage available?No
Adblock enabled?No

Internet speed

Run speed test

Please note that this will download a 5Mb file and may impact upon any data allowance you have for your device.

Need support? Click below to generate a link you can share with our IT team to help troubleshoot the issue:

Generate support link

Please note that generating a support link will save these details anonymously on our systems. This data will only be used to assist you with support queries when you provide the link to us and data will be automatically deleted within 1 hour.

    1. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies, using the instructions for your device:

  1. Try a different browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You can download them here: Download Google Chrome     Download Mozilla Firefox
  2. Disable any browser extensions one by one to see if they’re affecting logging in

Check your computer:

  1. Temporarily turn off your ad blocker software
  2. Connect your computer directly to the internet instead of a wireless router
  3. Restart your computer
  4. Try from a different computer

If you’re still experiencing an issue after an hour or so, please contact us and have the following information to hand:

  1. Your internet browser details
  2. A note of any error messages you have seen
  3. A screenshot of what you can see

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