Find Jobs Teaching English Abroad

Now you’ve passed your TEFL course and are the proud owner of your certified qualification, it’s time to take your next step on your TEFL adventure.  We have been there so know it can be intimidating – a new country, a new role, and for some the first time teaching!  However, don’t worry more than 80% of TEFL Org graduates find teaching jobs abroad within two months of looking for work.

We’ve been in your position, and we know what it feels like, which is why we are here to support you with sound advice on everything you need.  From the practicalities of how to teach English abroad to how to make sure your TEFL CV shines above the rest.  And of course our TEFL jobs centre is full of brilliant teaching jobs abroad, positions teaching English online, and those closer to home.

Find EFL teaching jobs in China, Spain, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and so much more!  If you need some inspiration, check out one of our many country guides on the best countries to teach abroad in.

TEFL Jobs Centre

Our TEFL Jobs Centre is an exclusive (and lifetime) service for our students.  To apply just log in using your email and course password.   New positions across the globe are posted every single week by fantastic employers looking to recruit teachers with an accredited TEFL Org qualification.  What are you waiting for – where will TEFL take you?


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