In many countries around the world, teaching classes of 50 and even more is common practice. That's why we have developed an Advanced TEFL Course

10-hour Teaching Large Classes overview

It can be daunting for teachers to be faced with a class size of 30+ students, but don’t worry! Our specialist online TEFL/TESOL course in teaching large classes will take you through some common teaching strategies to use and highlight potential pitfalls to avoid. We recommend this course to those who are interested in teaching English in Asia, where it is quite common to find large class sizes, or would like to teach at summer schools or language camps.

10-hour Teaching Large Classes modules:

Included on the course

  • Downloadable PDF learning resources so you can start studying straight away.
  • A personal online tutor is available to assist you with the topics covered on the course as well as mark and provide feedback on all assignment submissions
  • One month to complete the course – as an online course, you set the pace. You can spread your learning out over the month given, or you can complete it within a shorter timeframe if you have more time to dedicate to it – it’s completely up to you and your learning goals.
  • Free hardcopy certificate posted to you upon completion of the course
  • Plus, as a TEFL Org student, you receive lifetime access to our online TEFL Jobs Centre where you can search and apply for English teaching opportunities all over the globe.


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10-hours Teaching Large Classes

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