100 hours online and 30 hours in the classroom. Find out more today.

This TEFL course will give you a practical and fun introduction to TEFL methodology, an in-depth exploration of TEFL theory, video observations of real TEFL lessons and a solid grounding in all of the grammar and terminology you will be teaching in your classes.  Most importantly, you’ll gain practical teaching experience to use when you step into your first TEFL classroom.

The 130 hour course combines a classroom course which is completed over 3 days, and online work which you have 5 months to complete.

130-hour TEFL Course

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  • 30-hour Weekday TEFL Course
    Learn to plan, prepare and deliver TEFL lessons with lots of fun hands-on activities.  Fast-paced, engaging and friendly, you’ll spend Monday to Wednesday learning by doing, not by writing!
  • 50-hour Online TEFL Course
    Learn about classroom management, teaching styles and advanced TEFL methodology. Study with a personal tutor and meet fellow students on our course forums. Includes units on business English, young learners and teaching English one-to-one.
  • 30-hour Online Grammar Course
    Don’t know your second conditional from your modal verbs? This course will teach you all the terminology and rules of English grammar you need to step into a TEFL classroom.
  • 20-hour Online Video Course
    Observe real TEFL lessons to see what works (and doesn’t) in the classroom! Work with a personal tutor to improve your own lesson plans based on the activities you see in action.

What’s included?

  • Lifetime access to the TEFL Job Centre
    Lifetime TEFL careers advice, personal CV guidance, TEFL recruiter contacts and exclusive TEFL job vacancies. All you need to get your dream job abroad.
  • Free TEFL coursebook
    All the important information from your weekday TEFL course with activities, examples and much more teaching guidance.
  • Free Reference letter
    A must-have for getting TEFL jobs, this comes with personal feedback from your TEFL course tutor.
  • Personal online TEFL Org tutor
    Keep the same tutor throughout your component TEFL course, who will get to know you and how you work. All of our tutors are qualified and experienced, while also being lovely and supportive!
  • TEFL Org certificate
    A widely-recognised certificate posted straight to your door which shows your achievements on our course; something you can show to TEFL employers to secure you a job.



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130-hour TEFL course

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