With a laptop and good internet connection, anyone can teach or learn English from anywhere in the world.

With a laptop and good internet connection, anyone can teach or learn English from anywhere in the world and as a result, there has been a massive rise in the popularity of teaching English as a second language online.

Whether you want to set up as a teacher from North America to teach English online to children in China, or you are based in the United Arab Emirates wanting to work from home and teach remotely, online teaching can offer flexibility for students and teachers alike.

This 20-hour TEFL online course gives you a firm understanding of how to create, plan and conduct a TEFL lesson online, and the technology available to do so.  We’ve been in your shoes and understand what it takes to make sure both you and your students experience is a positive one.

Please note: this course assumes prior TEFL knowledge. It is only suitable for individuals who already hold at least a 120-hour TEFL certificate.

What’s included?

The course is made up of three modules –

  • What teaching English online involves
  • One month to complete the course
  • What platforms/software is available to teach online effectively
  • Planning your online lessons

How is the course assessed?

The course is assessed through five short quizzes and one written assignment.

As you go through the three modules you will need to complete and pass quizzes – you have unlimited attempts to pass each quiz. At the end of the course, there is a short written assignment which will be marked by your personal online tutor.

How long do I have to complete this course?

You have a time period of one month to complete this course from the date of payment.

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20-hour How to Teach English Online

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