Why TEFL Accreditation is Important

21 June 2012

When choosing a TEFL course it is important that you make sure that your TEFL provider is properly accredited and that your certificate will be internationally recognised. If you take a TEFL course which isn’t fully accredited this might mean TEFL employers won’t accept your qualification and could stop you from finding a job.

OdlqcTEFL Org is proud to announce that an official TEFL Org UK course has more accreditations than any other UK TEFL Course provider.

This means that when you have completed your TEFL Course, you’ll be awarded an official TEFL Certificate that commands respect from employers all over the world. With that peace of mind you can complete your teaching studies, knowing that your official TEFL qualification will help you find the very best EFL teaching positions.

Starting from as little as £159, our accredited TEFL Courses offer quality training, support and post qualification assistance to help you find the best teaching positions abroad. Find out more about our Accreditation.

Things to look for before booking a TEFL Course

Make sure the TEFL Course you choose has accreditation from an external or independent body so that you TEFL certificate will be recognised around the world. Watch out for TEFL providers who accredit their own courses. Follow up accreditation claims by checking the websites of accreditation to see if they are listed. TEFL Org UK courses hold accreditation from the ODLQC and TEFL Org UK is also an SQA Approved Centre. All of our courses are also fully accredited by the BAC.

Personal tutor

Our TEFL Courses are run by highly experienced professional TEFL teachers. Having a personal tutor to accompany you through your TEFL course cannot over-rated. Your TEFL teacher is there to support you, give feedback and offer invaluable advice. Some TEFL providers offer completely automated courses with access to qualified and experience teachers. TEFL Org UK places great emphasis on personal tutors. All of our online courses assign a personal tutor to each student. They are there to offer support and encouragement every step of the way. Our tutors are there to advise you, answer any questions you may have, and mark your work providing constructive feedback, helping you to successful completion of your studies. You can find out more about our excellent TEFL team.

Job support

SqaIt’s our aim to help you fulfil your dream of teaching English abroad. Unlike many TEFL Course providers, TEFL Org UK continues to offer help to our students after they have completed their TEFL course. After completion of your TEFL Course the next steps involve looking for the right TEFL job, making job applications and preparing for a new life teaching English abroad. Our TEFL Jobs Centre is very popular with our graduates and is a quick and easy way to search and apply for TEFL jobs. You’ll be given exclusive access to the latest  jobs from all over world, from top schools and institutions who work with us to source the very best teaching talent. You’ll have a free life time access to our TEFL Jobs centre which means wherever you are in the world you can log in and apply for your next TEFL Job. You’ll also receive free TEFL careers advice and expert guidance on perfecting your CV.

Find out more about our accreditations on our accreditations page.  If you’d like to know more about our courses, check out our TEFL Course Options.

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