TEFL with Teenagers

9 July 2013

Want to see and explore some of the world? A TEFL certificate is a great way to enable yourself to earn money on your adventures. If you are completely new to teaching, the 120-hour certificate will give you all the training you need to step into a classroom in a foreign land. The course is one 20-hour classroom session together with a 100-hour online course. The online course can be completed anywhere so you can easily fit it around work and other commitments. This level of TEFL training, along with the high accreditation of the TEFL Org UK certificates, will put you in good stead with employers all over the world.

With a TEFL certificate in hand, the world awaits you! Spain; Mexico; Tanzania; Vietnam; so many countries are available to you and a wide variety of people are ready to welcome you to their communities. Another consideration to make is which age group you wish to teach.

African Students 3 Teenagers are a great group for TEFL teachers to work with. They may require more motivation than other age groups but they will work just as hard when engaged. Many schools may require the students to take a language as a compulsory part of their education which can result in the students not wanting to be there at all. With a little work and some fun activities, you can motivate them to want to learn English.

Simple games like Hangman and telling your students about life and teenagers in the UK are great ways to connect with your students. Small personal projects about their lives or things they like allow them to use their creativity while you find out about them.

Videos and music are a vast and fantastic resource for you to tap into for all ages but especially for when you are a teacher of teenagers. They capture the interest of your students very quickly and you can come up with a whole host of activities for them to complete afterwards.

Bringing English to teenagers in other countries is so important. It gives them new skills which they can take into adulthood, maybe to work in tourism where they will interact with English-speakers everyday or maybe even so they can apply for a university course in an English-speaking country. Many schools, particularly in European countries like Spain, prepare their students to sit the Cambridge English Language Assessment Exams and you will play a key role in guiding them to their examinations.

Enrol on a TEFL course to take the first step on your TEFL journey today and then head over to the TEFL Job Centre to find that all-important first job in an exciting new country.

For more information about TEFL, request a free brochure.

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