TEFL Jobs in the UK

Teaching English as a foreign language without moving abroad

Here at TEFL Org we give you the opportunity to explore the world and teach in locations from Costa Rica to South Korea, and everywhere in between. Despite this, though, TEFL is not just for those who want to move abroad and travel. If you would like to teach English as a foreign language but want to stay in the UK, there are various options open to you.


Homestay.com is a global accommodation booking website for people seeking to experience the local community and culture of the place they are visiting. For someone intending to come to the UK, learning English will probably be on their agenda. Becoming a host  is a good way to have contact with non-native English speakers and practice those TESOL teaching skills you have toned through your TEFL training. The idea is that your guest will book a room in your home and you will offer guidance and assistance throughout their stay. It is a similar to a cultural exchange, where you act as the host family.

Teaching English online

With developments in new technologies you can now teach English from the comfort of your own home. Teaching English online offers an innovative new platform to connect language learners and teachers across the globe by eliminating geographical restrictions. All you need is a computer, a Skype account and a good internet connection and you can get started straight away. You will experience the benefits of cross cultural communication, with a living wage and all the flexibility you could want. Interested in pursuing online TEFL teaching? Read our blog about teaching English over Skype.

Summer camps in the UK

A lot of students come over to the UK to learn English in summer camps. These summer camps then get in touch with us, looking for our TEFL teachers. These positions are usually short term, lasting for several weeks in the summer months. Summer camp positions usually combine teaching English with coordinating exciting activities for children. They also provide a great chance to gain experience teaching young learners.

Private English Tuition

Another option is private tuition or freelance TEFL teaching in the UK. Anyone who has moved to the UK and has English as their second language is a potential candidate for classes. This could be a new family who have moved into the area, an international student or a foreign business partner. We have even had an employer contact us looking for someone to teach conversational English to a Spanish priest. Private English tuition gives you the chance to develop your skills teaching one-to-one, which is very different from teaching a classroom of students. It also offers a much needed service for those who require English language skills in order to live in the UK.

How do I start teaching?

The demand for TEFL teachers in the UK is not as high as it is in countries where English is not the native language. However, there are still thousands of people in the UK who want to learn English, and you can teach them! Teaching English in the UK is also a great stepping stone to going abroad to teach, giving you experience and confidence in a familiar loaction.

To teach here all you will need is a TEFL certificate. Find out more about our accredited TEFL courses.

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