TEFL in Eastern Europe with Angloville

TEFL in Eastern Europe is, unsurprisingly, becoming more and more popular. The winning combo of beautiful cities and exciting cultures is attracting a steady flow of English teachers. Teachers can often find a plentiful job market in the likes of Poland and the Czech Republic. However, if you’re searching for something a little different, somewhere to converse with your students in a relaxed setting then take a look at Angloville.

What is Angloville?

Angloville is a week-long TEFL volunteer programme for native English speakers based in various locations within Eastern Europe. All you have to do as the native speaker is converse with non-English speaking students. That’s right; no boring class room lessons or anything like that – your job is to converse, in English, with the non native speakers as you see them progress their linguistic skills.

Where is Angloville?

There are a variety of locations and countries throughout Eastern Europe you may be based in. Countries are Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania. In all of them, you will stay in a beautiful countryside hotel where the relaxing environment will enable you to focus on your tasks. Here’s a list of some of the many venues across these four countries:


  • Bachledówka Hotel – This three star hotel and spa is situated in the rolling hills of the Polish countryside. With breathtakingly beautiful views of the Tatra mountains and fresh, crisp air it’s an idyllic location to converse with your non-English speaking counterparts.
  • Dwor Moscibrody – Only an hour and a half from the Polish capital Warsaw, this lovely little manor house offers services such as free WiFi, en suite twin rooms, and satellite TV.

Czech Republic

  • Hotel Nova Amerika – A very fancy resort hotel an hour and a half away from Prague. With an award-winning restaurant, golf course, and wine cellar you’ll never be bored in this stylish Czech hotel.


  • The Cochet Complex – This modern 4-star hotel complex is made up of three villas, each housing up to 20 beds. Enjoy the rich history of Prahova County during your week here.


  • Fenyőharaszt Kastélyszálló – Spend your Angloville programme in a Hungarian chateaux! The hotel boasts every luxury you could possibly need during your week of volunteering.

Types of Programmes

If the main Angloville course doesn’t quite appeal to you or you don’t have the time to commit to it then there are other options

Angloville Junior

As you can probably guess, this course is more or less the same as a standard Angloville course, only the students are within the age range of 13-18. Because of the students’ age range, there are more activities to engage the students such as badminton, tennis, and walks with tour guides.

Angloville Kids

Like Junior, but with an even younger age demographic (7-11 years old). Here, unlike the previous two programmes, there will be 8 students to every teacher plus a bilingual Polish teacher to support the kids. Activities on this course are suited for the specific age group.

Angloville Weekend

A three day conference simulation. You’ll teach Polish business executives the most useful terms to help improve their speaking skills. This is basically a ‘business English’ teaching course.

Angloville International

An ordinary Angloville programme, just extended to 10 days. All the same activities and schedules. The main distinction between this and the main programme is that the student/teacher ratio is 2:1.

Who should apply?

For Angloville, as long as you’re at least 18 years old and a native English speaker you’re fit to apply! No academic qualifications are required or TEFL certificates required. All you need is a willingness to help others and be enthusiastic.

So if you like the sound of helping others unlock a new language whilst experiencing a completely new culture then this teaching programme may be just for you! For more information on the Angloville Programme click here.



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