TEFL CV Dos and Don’ts

Our accredited TEFL courses give you the training and certificate you need when applying to teach English as a foreign language, while our free TEFL Jobs Service includes exclusive access to TEFL jobs, recruiter contacts around the world and lots of careers advice.  Here are some Dos and Don’ts you should remember when creating your TEFL CV.

Do tailor your TEFL CV to individual vacancies

Rather than sending the same CV off to lots of employers, maximise your chances of landing a job by adapting your CV to the particular requirements of an individual job.

Do keep your TEFL CV to two pages

PencilDon’t clutter it with irrelevant qualifications and experience if you are struggling to fit everything in.

Do make your CV easy to skim

Headers and bullet points can help convey a lot of information at a glance. Handy if your potential employer has a whole pile of CVs to look through and you want to stand out.

Do include your date of birth

It’s necessary for some employers and a busy boss will bin your application rather than follow up to find out!

Do include details of your TEFL course

Mention relevant units, such as Teaching Business English, and highlight your practice lessons if you have taken a classroom course.

Do remember to use clear English

Your potential employer may not be a native English speaker, so avoid jargon.

Do check it very carefully

Remember you are applying for a job that involves teaching English – you better make sure your English is flawless!

Don’t get creative with formatting

Choose a sensible font in size 12. Fancy colours of text or paper are not best suited to a formal CV.

Don’t worry if you don’t have teaching experience

Highlight any training or childcare experience in your previous employment and remember that first-time teachers are very welcome in TEFL.

Don’t send it off without having a friend check it over

We all miss mistakes in our own writing – make sure someone else has a look over your CV before you start sending it to schools.

Good luck with your application!

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