TEFL Job in Ukraine

Teaching English in Ukraine

12 November 2013

Thinking about travelling to Europe for something different? Why not consider teaching English in Ukraine!

TEFL jobs in Ukraine

Despite economic difficulties, this former Soviet Republic hosts a growing demand for English in common with many other Eastern European countries.

The best paid TEFL positions are in private institutions, starting from $900. The costs of living will be very low in Ukraine, so although you will not earn as much as you would teaching English in the Czech Republic or South Korea, you will be able to live comfortable on your salary.

Another way to earn money is by offering private lessons, there is no shortage of students and teachers can charge UAH ₴240-360 (GBP £7-10) an hour.

Living in Ukraine

The country is historically and culturally diverse and if you are not worried about earning as much or having as good living conditions as you would in other Eastern European countries such as the Czech republic and Hungary you will be able to reap many rewards in other ways. The people tend to be warm and welcoming and highly motivated to learn English.

Requirements for teaching English in Ukraine

You will need to have an official TEFL certificate to teach English in Ukraine. At least 120 hours of TEFL training will make you eligible for the widest range of TEFL jobs – not just in Ukraine, but worldwide.

Take a look at the latest EFL teaching positions in Ukraine on our TEFL Jobs Centre!

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