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Teaching English in the UK

3 April 2012

Here at TEFL Org UK, we give you the opportunity to explore the world and teach English in locations from Costa Rica to South Korea and everywhere in between. Despite this, though, there’s also plenty opportunity to teach English here in Britain if you would prefer. There are thousands of people here in multicultural Britain who want to learn English, and you could teach them. Teaching here in Britain could also be a stepping stone to going abroad and teaching, by helping you gain experience and confidence in teaching in a more familiar location.

How do I start teaching?

EdinburghTo teach here all you will need is a TEFL Org certificate. You could start teaching with a 20-hour TEFL certificate if you want, but we’d recommend at least the 120-hour course to get as much practice and preparation as you can.  Check out our courses page for more information.

There are a lot of jobs to be found in teaching English in the UK, and after completing your course you will be able to benefit from our free job placement advice and see our directory of TEFL jobs here in the UK. If you want, you could go it alone and advertise yourself locally to teach English as well if it suits you better. Another option available is telephone teaching, where you can teach business English to people over Skype. Taking your TEFL Org UK course could be the springboard for you to move to another part of the UK where you would like to live, if you want to.

How much can I earn?

Salaries for teaching in the UK vary depending on the hours you work and what type of teaching you do. Teaching at centres or schools could net you a salary of anywhere in between £3,000 and £30,000 a year, depending on the hours you work, whilst working with students on an hourly basis could earn you £25 or £30 per hour.

What is it like being a TEFL teacher in the UK?

Teaching English is a very flexible job: you can work full-time, teach night classes, or anything that fits your schedule! Age is no issue when teaching, you could teach English to help fund your student life or earn some extra cash in retirement.

Do you fancy being a TEFL teacher here in Britain? Check out our TEFL jobs here in the UK!

If you aren’t qualified, but interested in being a TEFL teacher, check out our accredited TEFL courses

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    1. Hello Erivelton, thanks for sharing the link to your survey. We do not hire EFL teachers as we are not not a language school – we provide EFL teacher training courses. We do have a large number of non-native English speakers enrol on our courses though!

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