Teaching English in Morocco

At its most northern point, Morocco is a mere eight miles off the coast of Spain, however, it feels a million miles away from the western life. With a blend of Mediterranean, African and Islamic cultures Morocco creates its own unique personality. Famous for its inspiring mountain backdrop, bustling markets and romantic cities, TEFL teachers will never find themselves short of things to do and experience in Morocco. From the many towns along the coast to the more mountainous terrains in the heart of Morocco and the Sahara desert, Morocco offers a great variety of landscapes to stimulate the traveller. The average cost of living in Morocco is relatively cheap depending on lifestyle.

TEFL Job opportunities in Morocco

MoroccoWhile Arabic and French have traditionally been the dominant language, English is increasingly becoming the language of international communication. With opportunities for Moroccans to work in tourism, higher education and business there is a growing demand for TEFL teachers. In fact, English is taught to children in schools form the age of ten. For TEFL teachers in Morocco, there are opportunities to help school children improve their spoken English as well as teaching English at an academic level to young adults in universities. The chance to learn English can improve future job prospects and many students will be enthusiastic to learn. Also, since many students already speak more than one language the challenge of learning a new one will not be unfamiliar and this will surely make your experience teaching English that little bit easier.

Requirements for teaching English in Morocco

The prospects of securing a TEFL job in Morocco are good for confident and adventurous native English speakers. To teach English in Morocco you will need to get TEFL qualified. The 120-hr TEFL course will give you the qualification and skills required to teach English abroad. You will also need to have a degree in order to gain a work permit from the government.

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