Teaching English in Mexico

14 June 2012

Mexico is a delightful and welcoming country with a wealth of opportunities for those looking to teach English abroad. Find out all about teaching English in Mexico.

TEFL Opportunities in Mexico

MexicoIf you have decided you want to teach English in Mexico for a living you can be assured that you have chosen a profession which is high in demand. For many Mexican citizens who wish to advance in the professional world of business, speaking English is an absolute requirement. Many Mexican companies conduct a certain amount of their business in English because of their close ties with the United States. Consequently there is a slight preference for American English, although it is in no way overwhelming and there is a high demand for native English and qualified TEFL teachers.

Why Teach English in Mexico

Teaching English in Mexico will offer you the experience of a life time. As a TEFL teacher you generally stay in the country for at least a year. This gives you the great opportunity to experience the rich Mexican culture first-hand. Mexico is a truly beautiful place to live and you may end up outstaying your TEFL contract. Whether you’re teaching English in a major metropolitan city or a small and rural town, you’ll find the Mexican experience truly unique and enriching.

What to expect

As well as teaching English to classes of children and young learners there is also an emphasis on business English being taught in Mexico. TEFL Jobs are advertised for native English speakers for around 45-80 pesos per hour but if you work for a private institution it can be a little but more. It is relatively easy to pick up extra private tuition to help supplement your TEFL salary. TEFL Jobs in Mexico may also offer you assistance finding low cost accommodation and even additional perks such as free Spanish lessons.

The benefits of teaching English in Mexico are unlikely to be financial although you should be able to live well by local standards on your TEFL salary. People do not come to teach English in Mexico to get rich anyway; it is the incredible climate, the experience of a new culture and the friendliness of the people which will make teaching English in Mexico such a rewarding experience.

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