Teaching English in Kazakhstan

1 June 2012

Here’s something a bit different. How about a TEFL job in Kazakhstan? Perhaps you’ve overlooked this vast landlocked country in central Asia bordering China and Russia. Kazakhstan has undergone something of a quiet revolution in recent years, kick-started by the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s and a long-awaited independence that enabled the country to use its vast reserves of oil and minerals to pull itself to a level compete on the world stage as a key economic player.

Kazakhstan 1 As a consequence of this growth, Kazakhstan has seen huge investment not only in this vast country’s infrastructure, but also in its education system. And that’s where you come in. The demand for talented TEFL teachers is on the rise and employers are advertising their jobs with us.  You can find out more about these TEFL jobs in Kazakhstan here: TEFL jobs in Kazakhstan.

Accommodation is usually provided by the school you’ll work for and pay averages around $800 per month depending on your contract and number of hours teaching you provide. Contracts last up to a year so remember to take a good range of clothes as temperatures soar in the summer and plummet to well below freezing during winter months!

The Kazakh people are friendly and welcoming and you’ll have classes of students eager to learn English. Beyond the classroom Kazakhstan is a wonder to behold. The world’s ninth largest country is one of the last great travel unknowns with a diverse range of landscapes from mountains, deserts and endless steppes to explore. Couple this with the Kazakh’s unrivalled hospitality to foreigners and you have a unique travel and working experience that in many ways is unmatched elsewhere on the global TEFL map.

Find out more about the latest TEFL teaching jobs at the TEFL Org UK Job Centre here: TEFL Jobs Centre

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