Teaching English in India

If you are looking to enjoy a real cultural experience India is a wonderful place to teach English abroad. There are literally millions of people learning English every day in India and as a fully qualified TEFL teacher, you could be part of this.

Although there remain many problems facing India, such as overpopulation and poverty, the country has made impressive economic gains and output in recent years. India has always been a very popular destination for western travellers and teaching English in India can be a great way to give something back to a local community.

Voluntary opportunities for teaching English in India

Taj MahalEnglish is the second language in India and it is now taught in state schools from the age of six. If you do secure a position teaching English it is most likely to be voluntary work. Very few ordinary citizens in India can dream of affording the luxury of English conversation classes and there are also very few westerners who could manage on wages earned by typical local English teachers.  There is however plenty of opportunities for volunteering to teach English in India and you will have no problem in finding eager students who would jump at the chance to learn English.

Paid opportunities for teaching English in India

For the paid TEFL jobs in India, the competition is high. One of our recommended TEFL courses will put you in the best position to secure a TEFL job. A minimum of 100 hours of TEFL training is a requirement from many employers so we would recommend taking either the 120-hour or 140-hour Premier TEFL course.  Most of the paid TEFL jobs are found in the commercial field and teaching business English. If you have a degree in the field of education or business, as well as some previous teaching experience this will also improve your chances of securing a paid TEFL job in India. There are also many language schools in India. These TEFL jobs will usually require evening availability and usually start off as part-time.

About teaching English in India

Teaching English in India is a rewarding experience. TEFL teachers in India are generally treated with the utmost respect and Indian students tend to be hardworking. Although you can expect to live well by local standards if you secure a paid TEFL job, do not expect to be able to save a lot or get rich from teaching English in India.

Finding a TEFL job in India

India5If you are interested in teaching English in India have a look at our TEFL jobs in India. These positions are only available for TEFL Org graduates who have taken a TEFL Org UK course. After taking a course with TEFL Org UK you will also have access to our Free Schools Contact Directory which contains contacts for thousands of TEFL employers all over the world. With our Free Job Placement Service, we will support you in finding your dream TEFL job with CV tips and all the TEFL advice you could need.

For the adventurous TEFL teacher, teaching English in India is a fantastic opportunity to experience life and culture you may otherwise not get the chance to by simply visiting the country as a tourist.

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