Teaching English in Hong Kong

19 June 2012

TEFL opportunities in Hong Kong

Speaking English is a major priority for the people of Hong Kong which means the demand for Native English qualified TEFL teachers is huge. The business world is always moving quickly and more so than ever global communication is vitally important. In order to compete effectively in the world playing field, Hong Kong emphasizes that English is taught universally form childhood up.
Demand for TEFL teachers exists throughout to private and state sectors on top of flourishing freelance opportunities to teach English as a foreign language.

Hongkong4As a TEFL teacher in Hong Kong there seems to be abundant opportunities and choice, in addition to government and private schools, there are literally hundreds of small learning centres, which provide English tuition by native speakers. These learning centres are ideal if you are a first time TEFL teachers with little or no experience. They often offer informal conversation type classes which will ease you gently into the world of TEFL teaching. If you already have some experience in the field of TEFL or in the UK state sector, possibilities exist for TEFL jobs within the state sector in Hong Kong as a part of a government initiative to recruit English speakers. The pay for these TEFL jobs are good and well sought after. There’s currently a shortage of native English speaking teachers in the country which means Hong Kong is an ideal location to find a TEFL job if you’re considering teaching English abroad

What do you need?

If you have chosen to teach English in Hong Kong there are a few basic requirements. Before you start applying or looking for TEFL jobs in Hong Kong you will need to have an official TEFL certificate which will qualify you to teach English as a foreign language all over the world. The higher number of hours of TEFL training that you have completed, the better qualification you will have.

We recommend taking one of our Premier TEFL Courses. A good TEFL qualification of at least 120 hours will open up the doors to the best schools and will give you a much wider range of job options and a higher rate of pay. On top of job advantages, TEFL gives you confidence that can be invaluable especially if you have never taught before.

For teaching English in Hong Kong a degree is also essential for the more established schools and organisations and will help you greatly when applying for a work permit.

Finding a TEFL Job

Recruitment for TEFL teachers in Hong Kong takes place year round, with the exception of the Chinese New Year. Generally the best time to look for work teaching English in Hong Kong is in May/June time as the summer is a very busy time for learning centres as there is no school and you’ll consequently find a large increase in the demand for native English speaking TEFL teachers.  TEFL Org graduates search and apply for TEFL Jobs through our TEFL Jobs Centre.

If you’ve decided to spend some time teaching English in Hong Kong you’re in for a treat – prepare yourself for some completely new and possibly challenging experiences, in a culture and country unlike what you are used to. The sense of adventure and the new people you will meet and the student you will teach will all contribute into making teaching English in Hong Kong pleasurable, enlightening and unforgettable time.

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