Teaching English in Finland

15 June 2012

Despite the fact that Swedish is the official second language in Finland, English is in great demand.

This is mainly due to the demand from the business community and the fact that there is a high standard of living in Finland, meaning many people can afford to pay for the luxury of private English lessons. Overall Finland is a country which positively embraces language learning which is good news for the prospective TEFL teacher. There are opportunities for native English speaking teachers to find work teaching English in Finland at summer schools. These are usually quite relaxed positions and TEFL teachers tend to work freelance for a school and can always supplement their TEFL salary with private lessons.

What to expect

Finland4The salaries and conditions of work for teaching English in Finland compares well to other European countries. TEFL jobs are advertised for around 1,500 euros per months and freelance teachers can charge around 20 euros per lesson. If you are lucky enough to land a contract with your school, accommodation is often organised for you.

So with such favourable working conditions and a high demand for English it is curious as to why Finland is not a more popular destination for travelling TEFL teacher. Perhaps Finland lacks some of perceived beauty and romance of Latin American or mystery of Southern Asia. However, Finland has a lot to offer as a country and as a less popular destination for teachers this generally means there is less competition for jobs.

Finding a TEFL Job in Finland

A desire to teach English as a foreign language may be all you need to arrange work informally in Finland. A degree will improve your job prospects, although is not necessary but an official TEFL Org certificate is imperative. To give you the best chance at securing a well-paid and reputable job teaching English in Finland we recommended one of TEFL Org UK Premier TEFL Courses. Generally schools recruit from September/October or January so if you intend to find work once you are in the country this would be the best time to travel out. You can always look for a TEFL Job before you travel abroad by checking out our TEFL Jobs Centre or browsing through our TEFL Employers Contact Directory which contains over 8,500 contacts for TEFL employers all around the world.

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