Teaching English in Ecuador

Ecuador is a country of outstanding beauty that boasts an incredible, diverse landscape and rich cultural history.

Ecuador8There is so much to experience in Ecuador from the Pacific coast in the west, to more mountainous areas and Amazon rainforests, not to forget the Galapagos Islands, home to some of the world’s most precious animal and plant species. When you arrive to teach English in Ecuador you will also encounter the warm and welcoming nature of the locals. All of these factors make Ecuador an exciting destination to teach English abroad.

Although the wages in Ecuador are low you should bear in mind that so are the living costs and many TEFL teachers live well by local standards.  The benefits of teaching English in Ecuador are unlikely to be financial but the experience of living and working in this beautiful country will be an opportunity of a lifetime.

Requirements for teaching English in Ecuador

For teaching English in Ecuador you will need to take one TEFL Org UK’s recommended TEFL courses. A minimum of 120-hours of TEFL training is a requirement by many employers but we would recommend one of our Premier TEFL Courses to enhance your job prospects to the full. Also, if you have any business qualifications this will also help, as much of the better paid TEFL jobs are found in the commercial sector. Don’t worry if you don’t – with a TEFL certificate, there are still plenty of opportunities as the demand for TEFL teachers in Ecuador is high.

Finding TEFL jobs in Ecuador

Ecuador6If you are interested in teaching English in Ecuador have a look at our TEFL jobs in Ecuador. These TEFL jobs are only available for students who have taken a course with TEFL Org UK. With us, you have the benefit of our Free Job Placement Service, with CV tips, access to our Schools Contacts Directory and a lifetime of TEFL advice. We are here to help you on your way to starting your career teaching English abroad.

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