Teaching English in Bosnia

Teach English in Bosnia for a unique European experience.

This south-eastern European country offers an exciting new market for English teachers. Lonely Planet describes it as a “beat-up country in the process of healing”, and it’s true to say that this war-torn country is now picking up the pieces and moving forward to display itself for the beautiful land that it is.

Teaching English in Bosnia – opportunities

Positions for teaching English in Bosnia are advertised on our TEFL Jobs Centre so that our graduates can secure employment in advance. TEFL Jobs are usually centred around Banja Luka and Sarajevo.

Salaries are generally quite good by European standards – 1000-1400BAM (AUD$850-$1200) per month (local average salaries are about 350BAM). English Teachers in Bosnia do not need to be degree qualified and an EU passport is not required. Accommodation can be found for about 300-400BAM per month, which means there is the potential to save and travel. Accommodation, transport and food are all generally low in cost.

Living in Bosnia

There is much to see while teaching English in Bosnia; Jajce, a walled-city of cobblestone roads will appeal to those interested in medieval times; Sarajevo, for a long time a place of peaceful co-existence between cultures, is a multi-cultural and diverse city; the National Museum hosts a variety of Balkan archaeological finds; the Banja Luka castle is a beautiful spot which hosts great music festival in the summer.

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