Skype Interview Advice

So you have managed to pass the initial application stage and they have invited you to attend a Skype interview, what now?

First things first, congratulations! You are one step further to gaining your ideal TEFL job.

Here are some things to consider when having a Skype interview:

Skype Interview
Skype Interview
  • If you aren’t already Skype user, sign up now! It’s free and you can use it to contact friends and family when you are teaching abroad.
    Fill in all relevant information and include your headshot as your profile picture
  • When choosing a username bear in mind that prospective employers will see this so try to keep it professional e.g. william.macdonald not willy_donx0x0
  • Confirm the date and time of the interview with the employer. Is your interview at 14:00 GMT or CET?
  • As with any interview, dress appropriately. You only see your top half on screen but you might need to get up during the interview so wear smart trousers (not pyjama bottoms)
  • Be aware of your surroundings – have a clean and tidy up before your interview
  • The whole reason for a Skype interview is for the employer to see you so make sure you are in a well lit room and when answering questions look at the webcam and not the screen.
  • Have a trial run – ask a friend or family member call you on Skype to make sure your microphone and speakers work and also practice a few interview questions.
  • Always plan ahead – sometimes you will encounter technical problems so make sure you have the employer’s contact details and a telephone handy.

Have you got any further tips or advice for the perfect Skype interview? Let us know in the comments below!

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