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I prepared for the Skype interview as I would any other interview. I also researched the school and the website so I had a rough idea of what the school was like.  The time difference is 8 hours so I had to get up early and prepare for 9am whereas the employer was just finishing her day at school.  I was very nervous and I had prepared notes which I had hidden out of sight from the webcam (just in case) – the beauty of a Skype interview!

The interview went really well and she said I would get a follow up email about the job. I received the email, and she informed me that she wanted a phone conversation this time. About a week later she phoned me and offered me a job! I gladly accepted and she went over all the details of the job, and I asked questions too. A few days later I got the offering letter and contract. I signed and sent it back. I have a 1 year contract but if I do a good job I’ll be kept on permanently. I will be working 5 days a week

9.30-6.30. The perks include teaching kids how to cook and play lots of fun games too! I will be based 20 minutes away from my home in Hong Kong in a place called Hung Hom which is a very prestigious place.

Hong Kong

Karen Cheung - HKTeaching in Hong Kong is better than I could ever have expected. I absolutely love the kids, and it makes my day go really quickly teaching them. They are all so unknowingly funny and are so respectful. I was helping out at a carnival day, and all the kids were fighting over who could fetch me stuff and do things for me.

My youngest class range from 2-5 years old, and are so sweet. We made crowns today and they loved it! I have attached the picture to show you. The games we learned at the weekend classroom course have really come in handy – the kids love it!

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