Amy’s TEFL Story

16 September 2013

I have been teaching now for four years. My exciting adventures have led me from Peru, to the exotic amazon jungle, throughout South America exploring the remarkable deserts, tropical jungle, sandy beaches and historic cities. Some places to note, that I have had the pleasure to visit include, Machu Picchu, The Amazon jungle, cycle the death road in Bolivia, and swim in the Amazon River with dolphins , not to mention visiting the local people on remote islands off Malaysia.

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I then went on to teach at a private bilingual school in Mexico City. I taught secondary students. After one year there I decided it was time to come back to Europe, so I got a job in an English Academy in Barcelona. I taught English to adults all levels from Basic to advanced. It is an exciting job, watching the students' progress; it is far from mundane, not knowing what each day will bring! From Barcelona, I decided that I wanted to move further south Spain: experience Flamenco, Paella and Sangria! I then moved to Valencia. I spent one year living in the beautiful remarkable quarter of Valencia. I had a lovely apartment overlooking a castle. I taught children aged 3 to 16 and adults, basic to advance. I also ran a kids club and a book club. On weekends I went to the beach, enjoyed paella with friends or simply walked the city.

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A great advantage of teaching is meeting an eclectic range of people, from diverse backgrounds with different experiences to tell. The lengthy holidays have supported me to travel in my spare time. I've been to Asia, South America, Europe, visited family in the UK and Madeira.  Last summer I enjoyed 5 weeks in Madeira, a gorgeous Island off Portugal. I drank Madeira wine, experienced the wonderful Levada walks, strolls along the beach and ate lots of traditional, local fish and meat.

I plan to stay in the sunny sparkling city of Valencia for another year and complete a PGCE next year to further my knowledge in teaching. Completing a TEFL course has permitted me to travel the world, meet incredible people, experience cultures from places you can only dream about, and most of all I love my job! I hope the PGCE will enable me to learn a few more skills, but finding work has been no problem! The sun shines every day in Valencia, its relaxed, warm, friendly people and plenty of work. I have a job in an academy and hope to save up for next year. I plan to travel to India, Goa and see the Taj Mahal at Christmas.  In November I have a weekend in Florence, who knows what the future holds!

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