6 Reasons to TEFL in Latin America

26 November 2013

If you are still toying over where to go with your TEFL certificate, discover why teaching English in Latin America might be for you!


Latin America certainly does not shy away from exuberant and colourful festivals; some of which we might dare say are the best in the world. Carnival, which is held in Brazil, is probably the most famous but only one of the hundreds of festivals held each year through the continent. If you are teaching English in Latin America it is very likely you will stumble across great food, drinks, dancing and shows at one of these spectacular festivals – an experience unlike any other!

Learn Spanish

Many TEFL teachers head to Latin America to teach English abroad with the dual aim to become fluent in Spanish (or Portuguese if heading to Brazil). There certainly is no better or easier way to learn a language than to live in the country where it is actually spoken (as TEFL teachers will know, it’s all about language immersion!).

A strong demand for TEFL teachers

Latin America has a booming TEFL market and the demand for native English speakers to teach English is huge from emerging economies in Brazil, Chile and Colombia. English is the dominant language for business and trade and as many countries in Latin America integrate into the global economy, the need for English education becomes stronger. In addition the tourism industry that is at large requires English fluency and corresponds with the growth of language schools and demand for TEFL teachers to fill vacancies all over the continent.

Natural beauty and weather

Latin America boasts some of the most breath taking and stunning natural beauty on the planet. Pristine white beaches in Colombia, snorkelling in crystal clear waters in Mexico, the incredible Bolivian salt flats and the awesome sight of the Igauza falls in Brazil, are just a few of the natural wonders to keep you inspired. The majority of the regions also experience a warm climate all year round.

Low cost of living

The cost of living in Latin America is very low, and although you aren’t likely to earn nearly as much as you would teaching English in Japan or South Korea, you will find that your salary stretches further, and you will be able to live comfortably and enjoy travelling around.

Great cuisine

Fresh tropical fruit, world class coffee, seafood straight from the sea to your plate; Latin America offers a wonderful array of tastes. Experience tucking into a mouth-watering steak in Argentina, truly authentic tacos in Mexico or arepa con queso in Colombia. Some of the world’s most renowned wine also originates from Latin America so a glass or two is a cultural experience you should allow yourself to indulge in!

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