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6 Questions You Should Ask About Your TEFL Job

26 July 2012

Once you’ve completed your accredited TEFL course you will ultimately have your sights set on securing a TEFL job. With an internationally recognised official TEFL Org UK certificate, finding a TEFL Job shouldn’t be a problem. The demand for TEFL teachers abroad is huge and on our TEFL Jobs Centre alone we have over 170 jobs in over 40 different countries. Once you have a job lined up there are a few things you might want to find out for your employers before you accept the position.

What TEFL qualifications do I need?

Generally employers are looking for a minimum of 120 hours of TEFL training. We recommend taking at either the 120-hour TEFL course or 140-hour Premier TEFL course as this will enhance your job prospects significantly. TEFL Org UK’s courses have more accreditations than any other UK TEFL course provider and are internationally recognised certificates, which TEFL employers all around the world value.

Do I need a degree?

In some countries you may be required to have a degree in order to obtain the correct working visa. It is virtually impossible to land a TEFL job in Japan or South Korea without one, but there are many places around the world you can find work without a degree including Ecuador, Thailand and most of Central Europe. Find out more: Do I need a degree in order to teach English abroad?

How long is the contract?

TEFL Job contracts range for just a few weeks to a full academic year. You’ll have to decide what suits you best based on how long you want to stay put in one country and what travelling you’d like to do before, after or in between TEFL. You can search on our TEFL Jobs Centre to find the ideal TEFL Job contract in a country which suits you.

Is you accommodation included?

Many TEFL jobs include free accommodation for TEFL teachers. If you are teaching English in a country where the cost of living can be quite high such as Japan or the Czech Republic, this will be of great benefit to you. You can search on our TEFL Jobs Centre to find a TEFL job which meets the criteria for you. You should also make sure that you find out how far away from the school you will be living – you don’t want to spend ages commuting to work every day.

How much holiday do I get?

Find out how many hours you are expected to be teaching English in the classroom. You’ve travelled half way around the world and naturally you will want the time to go out and discover all the country has to offer.

How and when will I get paid?

You might get paid monthly and if so you will need to be prepared to budget accordingly. In countries where the cost of living is very low and the pay for TEFL teachers is good, you might even be able to save some money.

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