Needing a Career Change?

Are you in need of a career change? Getting sick of the 9-5 grind? Well after doing some research we found that (apparently) a whopping 53% of Americans are! Just let those numbers sink in. [source]

With this being said, if we were to link that with the fact that one of the most common regrets in life found from the older generation is to have travelled more. The TEFL life could be a great way to break from this statistic and what is seen as the ‘normal’ working life.

The need for an adventure is written in most of our DNA and how amazing would it be to fulfill this craving while learning, earning and doing some good in the world? With the number of people seeking an TEFL/TESOL teacher soaring you will almost never be stuck for work in this industry.

(Almost) all of us have had days of dread at work where the thought the workday ahead is a chore. This feeling is unfortunately a massive part of a lot of people lives. But we at TEFL Org, struggle to believe this happens often when you are waking up in an exotic country, about to get up, go to class and teach English as a foreign language.

The Change

Try and imagine for a second, the sense of achievement you would feel when a student of yours is having an English speaking conversation with you. When weeks/months before they were unable to. It is almost incomprehensible, am I right?

We do have enough student review blog posts to back this theory up, but we’d much rather just add you to the growing list of customer reviews we have!


Step out of your comfort zone! The world is your oyster. Just do it. Or whatever motivational quote works for you.


If what we have been saying above in this short blog post hasn’t been enough to promote the TEFL life to you then at least you know we exist, and we know that you are even vaguely interested in a career mix up.

And if there is ever a time where you are sitting at that desk, stacking that shelf, or just on the commute to wherever you work. Remember that there is a whole planet out there and TEFL Org are here to help you see it.

For some extra needed info on your potential career change you can visit TEFL Jobs to see what out there or visit our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter page to see what we are all about!




8 thoughts on “Needing a Career Change?

  1. So I am very interested in a career change. My question before I continue looking into this option is how much of a chance would i have of being placed over sea’s? That is the huge appeal to me and if I pay and go through all the teaching classes i want to know I will have the option to go abroad if I so choose.

    1. Hi Rob,

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      We recommend our 120 hour course to everyone as it is usually a minimum requirement for employers around the world.

      If you were to purchase one of our courses, you would gain life-time access to our job center where you could begin applying to jobs straight away. We find that around 80% of our customers find work in 3 months or less. Depending on how much time they dedicate to finding one.

      I hope this helps.


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