China Support Pack

In-country support from TEFL Org

China Support Pack

You’ve landed in a country where you don’t know the alphabet let alone how to negotiate work contracts or cope with emergency situations. We have developed a brand new service to give you piece of mind and a little helping hand from our team in China. That way you are never really alone and the people left back at home know you are in safe hands.

We have two levels of support for you to choose from: our basic package with a limited number of calls and emails and  our premium package for those of you who want to have the ability to contact our team an unlimited number of times.

What’s included

  • Negotiating contracts with employers
  • Resolution of disputes with employers and landlords
  • Help with booking appointments with health professionals
  • Support with arranging banking appointments
  • Assistance in job hunting after current position has concluded
Basic Premium
 – a dedicated member of the team
3 calls per month (Monday to Friday only) unlimited calls per month (Monday to Sunday)
5 emails per month unlimited emails per month


Basic Premium
One month £19 £50
Three  months £49 £120
Six months £99 £180
One year £119 £240

Interested in signing up for our TEFL Support Pack? Call our TEFL Experts today on 01349 800 600