• Location:
    Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Salary:
    LKR15,000 per month
  • Job Type:
  • Accommodation:
  • Contract Length:
    6 Month(s)
  • TEFL hours required:
    40+ hours
  • Start Date:
  • Degree Required:
  • School Type:
    Language School
  • Reference:
  • Number of Vacancies:
  • Application Deadline:
    Jul 6, 2022

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Job Details

No program fees for volunteers!
Want to do something that matters?

Don’t have any teaching experience?
Worry not!

Volunteer with this School for English in Sri Lanka and they’ll give you all the training and materials you need to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of students.
A small, non-profit school based in Colombo, they aim to empower adults in Sri Lanka by helping them to develop their English language skills and broaden their worldview.

Spend 6 months working with them and you’ll learn not just how to teach English grammar, but also how to open minds and change lives – as well as getting to explore one of the world’s most beautiful islands every weekend! The classes are held daily and you will be in charge of three classes each term. All the support needed for your classes will be offered by the heads of the school.

Their volunteers teach up to 30hrs of English every week, to classes that include university students, Buddhist monks, trainee architects, lawyers, and more. It’s challenging, rewarding, and truly fulfilling.

All teachers stay in a beautiful house on the outskirts of Colombo, near the parliament building. There are many footpaths and a large lake very close by and the area is known for its relaxing feel. Each teacher will have their own room and have a shared bathroom with one other teacher.

They provide accommodation, meals, and transport to and from school – you just have to buy your plane ticket!

Typical day:
Teachers will either be driven to school by the principal in the morning or take a ride in a trishaw which is provided by the school.
Once at school the teachers will go through their lesson plans and prepare for their lessons. The best thing about this school is that all the lesson plans and the materials are provided for you, so planning time is cut down a lot. Teachers tend to need a lot of time to prepare at the start but once they understand how the lessons work, the time is greatly reduced.

Even though the teachers are given all the materials and training needed to run the class, there is still space left for teachers to put their own spin on the class or add things that they think might make the class better.

The School wants you to enjoy your time teaching as much as the students do, so put I the time to make sure that you are as comfortable and ready as you can be. The school is about working together as a team to try and make the learning as enjoyable as it can possibly be.

They don’t expect you to bring anything apart from a willingness to learn and a passion for trying to help your students do the best they can possibly do.

Free-time activities
After work teachers like to head home so that they can chat with the other teachers about the day. They all tend to sit down for dinner together and sometimes play a few rounds of cards before heading off to bed.
There are many great restaurants in the city, which is only a short distance away from both the house and the school, where lots of teachers like to try out both the local cuisine and the locals take on other cuisines.
The weekends are where the teachers venture a little further out – there are beaches, jungles, and mountains all within a couple of hours away from the city… most of the volunteers tend to go for the beaches as they are some of the best in the world.

A trip to Maskeliya to stay in the charities other project and enjoy the peace and quiet, bathe in waterfalls, and stay under the Virgin mountains.
Team outings and fun activities arranged by School’s senior staff.
Teach English on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.
No program fees for volunteers.
Get training all the way through to make sure you do the best job you can possibly do.

Additional Benefits

Someone from the organisation will pick you up from the airport no matter what time of day or night it is. The airport is about 1 hour away from the teachers' house and when you reach the house you will be given time to settle in before meeting all the other teachers. Accommodation:  All the teachers stay together in a nice house on the outskirts of Colombo. Each volunteer will get their own spacious room and share the bathroom with just one other teacher. Food & Beverages Three meals are provided a day. They can cater to vegetarians and meat-eaters. All meals are provided by the in-house chef and all the teachers sit and eat together in a family-like way. Mealtimes are usually a great time for teachers to unwind and just chat about the day. Internet Access Good access at the project site


Teachers must be native speakers or have a very high level of English.


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