Teaching Abroad: Five good reasons to start your TEFL course today

Working abroad is a very fulfilling experience, particularly as an EFL teacher, helping potentially hundreds of students learn an entirely new language.  There are many benefits to going to another country to work:

Looks good on your CV

Even if you go for a few weeks or months and come back, employers here in the UK will be happy to see that you have gained experience working in another country. Seeking out work in new and unfamiliar terrain shows initiative, and managing travel and accommodation abroad shows resourcefulness and open-mindedness – all good factors for finding work!

See the world whilst working

Even if you’re working full-time, you will only be working for so long each week, and your time off can be spent as a tourist! Teaching abroad is a great way of funding your travel in some of the most exciting countries in the world, and it will make “seeing the sights” that much easier on your time off.

A new culture

You can experience a completely new culture from what you would experience in the UK, with new customs, foods, celebrations, and more, making life that much more exciting.

Satisfying career

Working in another country, especially teaching, means you are making a huge difference to the lives of the people there – more than could be said for most people crunching spreadsheets in an office cubicle. Education standards around the world aren’t as high as in the UK, so you’re teaching could give students a chance they never would have had.  A satisfying career is something you can look forward to by working abroad, and years later you may look back on the experience itself as more valuable than the paycheck.

Better weather

And of course, last but not least (and probably first, for some of us), chances are that the weather will be nicer abroad than back in the UK. Imagine phoning your friends from an equatorial country in February, where your only weather complaint is that you didn’t bring enough sunscreen.

Once you’ve enrolled on one of our courses, you can apply for a job in our TEFL Jobs centre.  If you’ve not booked a course yet, you can do so today online or by calling us on 01349 800 600.

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