TEFL Courses in England

TEFL Org runs frequent courses across England. Students come from a wide area to attend our fun, interactive and practical TEFL courses.

"The course is so fun that you don't even notice the long days and energy is kept high because of this. You learn so much in a short space of time and I am very pleased with how much I got out of the weekend."

David Alliband

"The content was comprehensive and it flowed well from topic to topic."

Jane Peeler, Library and Resource Centre Manager

"The tutor, Amy, was very good. She was clear, friendly, and made us all feel very comfortable with one another."

Penny Kinder, social worker

"I was happy with the relaxed atmosphere and how much information was given."

Alex Castle, Teaching Assistant

"Richard made the course fun to learn, and every bit of it was made interesting even the grammar section!"

Jennifer Foulkes

"Our tutor Caroline was extremely good and made the course so enjoyable. I also enjoyed getting to know the other like-minded students and was able to make a lot of friends. All in all a really enjoyable weekend!"

Martha Jones, waitress

"Richard was an excellent tutor; he answered all the questions, helped and encouraged us until the end."

Vera Csocsics, supply teacher

"Outstanding tutor. Very active and hands on course. Very helpful advice and support as well as a structured interesting course structure."

Martin Yeates, Retired NHS Chief Executive

"The tutor was brilliant and she made a long weekend very entertaining and informative. There were also plenty of opportunities for practical work and personalised feedback."

Keith Gully, care worker

"Great teacher and plenty of opportunity to get involved in the course. Lots of info learnt."

Robert Leeming, writer

"The variety of activities and the fun interaction with Caroline and the course participants."

Thomas Brownlee

"Information given (particularly on grammar) was very useful and the way in which it was taught helped with understanding."

Camilla Kerr, drama teacher

"The content was useful and practical. The tutor was knowledgeable and friendly."

Louise Stevenson, Teacher

"Mark was a fantastic teacher! I was so worried about the weekend having never done anything like that before, but he was so confident and inspirational, all my nerves just went away!"

Joel Collins, student

"I was impressed with the tutor's knowledge and skills."

Emma Skipp, Administrative Assistant

"I think the fact that there were only 8 people on the course made it the perfect sized group. Roy was excellent at engaging us and showing us techniques that can be used when teaching. The course was well structured and gave a good basic understanding."

Katy Pinner

"I enjoyed the pace of it along with the group dynamic."

Nicholas Pearse, gardener

"I enjoyed being with a group of like-minded people who were all there to learn and get inspiration. I found Amy really helpful and approachable and know that I will use a lot of what she showed us when I get round to teaching my first lessons."

Rebecca Thomas, barmaid

"The way it was structured was good and enabled me to gain confidence in learning and teaching English grammar to foreign students."

Elizabeth Gately, mental health nurse

"Well structured and taught; tutor gave lots of constructive criticism and gained feedback from all students as we progressed through the course. Loved the useful examples and learnt how they could be tailored to various levels of understanding."

Jane Ash, social worker

"What I most liked about the course was getting the opportunity to learn alongside people in the same position as me, and also getting to teach them ourselves, giving us valuable confidence and experience."

James Whinnery, bar attendant

"Content of course was challenging but was very well presented by an excellent tutor. He was very knowledgeable and made learning hugely enjoyable."

Alex Cheek, chauffeur

"Really good pacing, full of humour, really liked meeting others on the course."

Peter Watts, festival and events officer

"Everything on the course was good, enjoyed all of it."

Andrew Williams, ICT Technician

"The tutor was excellent and varied the activities to make the course very enjoyable. All of the group got on really well together and helped and supported each other."

Olwyn Sharples, supply teacher

"The tutor was extremely engaging and very enthusiastic. I was sad when it finished."

Helena Carrington, governess

"Fun, interactive, and informative. A great way to learn how to teach by actually being shown and doing it yourself!"

Jade McKelvey, project coordinator

"It was fast paced, but that kept it from being boring. And Amy our tutor was very good."

Alex Borrington

"It was fun, relaxed, informative, extremely helpful. Amy was excellent, really friendly, fun and made the weekend easy!"

Noa Bayley, DJ

"The teacher was excellent in explaining everything."

Gelu Negreanu, student

"Caroline's depth of knowledge and willingness to answer any type of query. Interactive nature of the course broke down inhibitions very quickly."

Jed Bartlett

"The fact that it was very interactive and practical; it clearly showed us how to conduct different types of activities with the students."

Timothy Grison, English teacher

"Even though there was a lot of information, I enjoyed weekend as the information was taught in a fun and interactive way."

Amy Birch, graduate

"I enjoyed actually doing the methods of teaching we were being taught, it helped me remember the techniques."

Nicolas Danby, psychology teacher

"I felt I was learning new skills from the advice given."

George Allen

"I enjoyed the course as a whole. Our tutor, Rich worked really hard and was extremely enthusiastic. For a group of complete strangers he managed to make sure we got to know each other very quickly so we could work together well."

Sharon Green, associate prosecutor

"Enthusiastic/knowledgeable tutor and course content. Good balance of necessary theory and lots of the practical 'learning by doing'. Perfect class size!"

David Martin, barrister

"Every aspect, especially the grammar section, helped expand my knowledge further and the practice lessons teaching these subjects really benefitted me for my future career with TEFL."

Amy Coburn

"I liked that it was challenging. Also, Asif has a wealth of experience which he shared with us and which I think was one of the most valuable things about the course."

Lewis Tonks, student

"It was a friendly environment where I felt comfortable to learn and ask questions."

Emma Merrett, Outbound Sales Representative

"I was glad for the opportunity to learn and practice teaching grammar."

Siobhan Mullen, Media Lecturer

"Roy made the course enjoyable and fun. He had great energy and enthusiasm."

Andy Barnes, Student

"There were chances to practise giving classes and to see giving a class in action which removed nerves and gave ideas for my own classes better than I could get from online videos. I enjoyed meeting other people and seeing what their ideas, plans and hopes were."

Craig Savage, student

"The enthusiasm of the tutor, as well as the content of the course, gave a real boost to my confidence." 

Hugh Mackay, administrator

"Very accessible, engaging and involving with a variety of activities and a pleasing, light-hearted atmosphere. Tutor was easy to work with and provided excellent information and advice for teaching opportunities."

Andrew Hallam, student

"I thought Caroline was an excellent tutor, and the material covered would be very useful. I find it hard to understand how you would get the same experience from the course without having done a taught course to accompany the online and video."

Fiona Bradshaw, business operations admin

"What a supportive environment. While I found parts of the course difficult, particularly the Grammar section, I felt supported both by the teacher and fellow students and left the course in a positive mood accepting that I needed to practice certain areas."

Simon Hodgkins, Customer Service Agent (Call Centre)

"I loved how interactive it was and the amount of lesson plan ideas given as examples for different ways of teaching."

Sara Devine, Waitress

"Meeting so many like-minded people and getting to see/put lessons into practise, it gave me some great ideas for my own classes. It was really inspiring!"

Claire Pearson, scientist

"The teacher was excellent, very engaging and very open and knowledgeable."

David Moran, Sales

"Everything I thought I wanted to know was answered and explained. It was very enjoyable, and the time flew by."

Lois Robson, parliamentary assistant

"Great tutor-led activities. As a facilitator and teacher, Amy provided the right mix of fun, knowledge, and practical activity to bring the group together and support everybody. An excellent way to spend a weekend."

June Barnes, trainer

"A very resourceful tutor, I had loads of fun learning and performing the activities, and even as a former teacher I learnt a lot from Amy. She is an excellent teacher." 

Yvonne Clare, translator

"I loved everything! It was stimulating and relevant to my needs."

Amber Bates, nurse

Here are our current locations in England.  Click through for more details including upcoming course dates, directions and course reviews.

You can also get a TEFL certificate with a completely online course – see our online TEFL courses section for details.

TEFL Courses in Ashford

One of our newest locations, we are now running regular courses near Ashford in the Holiday Inn.

TEFL Courses in Birmingham

Take your TEFL course in the second city! We run frequent weekday and weekend courses in central Birmingham. Find out what people thought: TEFL Courses in Birmingham – Reviews.

TEFL Courses in Brighton

Train as an EFL teacher by the sea with one of our regular weekend TEFL courses on the Brighton beachfront.

TEFL Courses in Bristol

Get your TEFL certificate in the West Country with a weekend TEFL course in the cultural city of Bristol, near the River Avon.  Read what our students thought: TEFL Courses in Bristol – Reviews.

TEFL Courses in Chelmsford

TEFL Org came to Essex very recently. Get your TEFL certificate in the centre of town, a few minutes walk away from the train station!

TEFL Courses in Chester

A perfect location for those in the north-west of England (or north-east of Wales), we run courses right next to the train station in Chester, making it easy for you to get there and get TEFL qualified!

TEFL Courses in Exeter

Train in Devon’s capital with a weekend TEFL course in Exeter.

TEFL Courses in Guildford

Another one of our newest locations, we now run weekend courses in Guildford for those who want to do their TEFL training in Surrey.

TEFL Courses in Hull

One of our longest-running venues –  take a TEFL course in Kingston Upon Hull in a venue right next to the train station to begin your TEFL career.

TEFL Courses in Leeds

Take a TEFL course in the largest city in West Yorkshire with one of our weekend or weekday courses in Leeds!

TEFL Courses in Leicester

A great location for those in the East Midlands, train to become an EFL teacher in the heart of Leicestershire with one of our TEFL Courses in Leicester.

TEFL Courses in Liverpool

Our Merseyside venue is always a popular course, why not see what the fuss is about?  Take a TEFL Course in Liverpool on the Mersey and begin your career teaching English abroad.

TEFL Courses in London

Take one of our 2-day or 3-day practical courses at one of our venues in London Islington and Paddington.

TEFL Courses in Manchester

Manchester is one of our most popular TEFL course venues, being one of the largest cities in the country. We run frequent weekend and weekday courses in the centre of the city, so you can begin your career teaching English abroad when you want! See what people thought : TEFL Courses in Manchester – Reviews.

TEFL Courses in Newcastle

If you live in the North-East, get your TEFL certificate by taking one of our weekend TEFL courses in the centre of Newcastle, not far from the Tyne.

TEFL Courses in Norwich

We run regular weekend TEFL courses in the centre of Norwich, so people in the Norfolk area can easily get TEFL qualified.

TEFL Courses in Nottingham

Live in the East Midlands and want to take a TEFL course? Take a weekend course in Nottingham, one of England’s most historic cities, and start your TEFL journey. You can read some reviews of our Nottingham TEFL Courses: TEFL Courses in Nottingham – Reviews.

TEFL Courses in Plymouth

For those in the south-east of England, the best option for you is to take one of our TEFL Courses in Plymouth!  We run regular weekend courses in the city, so you can train when it suits you.  Find out what our students said: TEFL Courses in Plymouth – Reviews.

TEFL Courses in Reading

Get your TEFL certificate with one of our weekend TEFL courses in the county town of Berkshire.  We run regular courses so you can train in Reading get your career in TEFL started!

TEFL Courses in Sheffield

The Steel City hosts regular weekend TEFL courses. Find out what our students thought: TEFL Courses in Sheffield – Reviews.

TEFL Courses in Southampton

Train in the capital of Hampshire with one of our TEFL courses in Southampton, England’s nautical gateway.  Start your own journey abroad with a weekend TEFL course and a TEFL Org certificate! See what our students thought: TEFL Courses in Southampton – Reviews.


If you’re still unsure about which course to book, check out our full range of TEFL courses or call us today on 01349 800 600 and we’ll be happy to advise you what course is right for you!