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As the year draws to a close many of us are taking a moment to reflect on 2018 as a whole. This year has seen our team continue to grow and we added new classroom course locations over in the USA! We also celebrated our 10th birthday back in October with a quiz night in support of our Charity of the Year, ActionAid UK. We’ll be announcing the final total of what’s been raised in the New Year!

Each week on the blog we aim to provide useful information on a range of topics for prospective students, current students, and our course graduates. Over the past year our blog has brought you posts from teachers working all over the world, tips for finding work, helpful resources, information about great TEFL destinations, and so much more. We’ve also held our place as the 2nd top TEFL blog on the web, according to Feedspot’s rankings!

So here are the posts you enjoyed the most this year! We’re looking forward to bringing you more great content in 2019, so if there’s anything you’d like to see just let us know in the comments below. And since this is our last blog post before Christmas all of us at TEFL Org would like to wish you a wonderful Christmas!

If there’s one post you should read before you pay for a TEFL course then this is it. How important is accreditation? What course should you take? And what about visas? All these questions and more are covered in this post, which looks at what you really need to know before you sign up for a TEFL course.

Once you’re TEFL qualified the next step is to find a job! This handy post lists some of the best jobs boards online (including our own, which only our students can access), so whether you’re looking for a job in China, Thailand, Spain or online, you’ll find a huge range of jobs to apply for.

From entertaining books about English grammar to invaluable texts to have at hand in the classroom, these books (and more over on our TEFL shop), come recommended by our highly qualified and experienced TEFL tutors.

Sadly, there are some bad characters out there looking to take advantage of newly-qualified EFL teachers looking for their dream job. This blog post is a must-read for anyone applying for their first TEFL job and covers the warning signs of common TEFL scams as well as bad employers.

If you’re out of the habit of studying or you’ve never taken an online course before then this is the post for you! It covers some great tips to help you work efficiently through your online TEFL course.

If you’re worried that you’re too young or old to TEFL then this post seeks to provide some assurance. It looks at instances where age can be an issue when finding work and provides tips for those worried their age will hold them back.

If you’re already thinking ahead to the summer and considering working in a summer school then don’t miss this post. We asked four language schools what they look for in applicants in order to help you write a great application!

“We want to give our students a summer to remember, while also giving them language skills they’ll remember too. So, our teachers need to be dynamic, inspiring, and creative.” Kieran, ACLE

China’s the number one destination for EFL teachers due to the huge amount of work there, so we brought you this post covering document legalisation (essential for all teachers!) and adjusting to life in the country.

David quit his job as a personnel manager in London and left to travel the world. Over the next 12 months he visited 24 countries, set up his own travel YouTube channel and completed a 120-hour TEFL course. Teaching online has allowed David to earn money while he travels. Here’s an excerpt:

“My confidence is growing daily, my student base is growing daily (I currently have approximately 25 lessons a week) and most of all, I’m enjoying myself!! Obviously the most important factor is the student’s learning, however I have discovered something I never expected. The life of a solo traveller or Digital Nomad can be lonely. Teaching English online using my 120-hour TEFL has allowed me to meet fascinating and interesting people from across the globe, from numerous locations, many of which I have visited previously. I finally discovered the missing link between being a Travel Youtuber and making a living through teaching online!”

The online teaching market is a rapidly growing one so we looked at the reasons why you should be teaching English online! You could travel the world as a digital nomad just like David, supplement your existing income, fit work around your existing schedule and more as an online English teacher.

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