Working from Home in Bulgaria

Having moved to Bulgaria in 2007 I decided I wanted to get work, but unfortunately my Bulgarian is not good enough to secure employment and so I needed something that utilized the skills I had.  I had considered TEFL before but when I looked at the vacancies it meant moving further abroad.

I was eventually introduced to the concept of becoming a teacher of English on line, this would be the answer to my prayers; I could do my  TEFL qualification  and then apply for jobs online.

I was nervous about starting TEFL and even more nervous about handing in my first assignment. It took me 4 days once I had completed it to hit the send button.  I was nervous because I had not been back to school for 40 years and I thought the tutor may laugh at my submission.  Instead the tutor gave me an excellent mark and then gave some suggestions on how to further improve my assignments in the future.

The support I received throughout the TEFL course continued from beginning to end. I loved nearly every minute of the course, I loved learning, I loved doing the work and felt that it was something just for me.

Upon completion of the course, I intended to spring clean my house whilst I waited for my certificates to arrive. However the expat that introduced me to online teaching, forwarded my details to the Bulgarian Company who employed her and within a week I was working.  I love teaching, the students are so respectful.  I work from home and can enjoy the beautiful weather we have in Bulgaria, and then work evenings.  Life couldn't be better, signing up and gaining my TEFL qualification was the best investment I have made in a very long time.

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