Working at a TEFL Summer Camp

Once you have completed your accredited TEFL Course you will have your sights set on securing a TEFL job. If you’re still not sure where to go, why not use your official TEFL certificate to spend the warmer months teaching English in summer camps in Europe.

On completion of your accredited TEFL course you will have access to our TEFL Jobs Centre. We recruit every year for a number of summer schools across Europe and we constantly have new positions advertised as new employers contact us, looking for our TEFL graduates to employ. Make sure you sign up to our weekly EFL jobs newsletter so that you never miss out on any new vacancies.

Why teach English in a summer camp

Teaching English abroad is a great way to get some international work experience, while earning a salary. The short contracts offered by summer camps are ideal for TEFL graduates who want to teach English abroad but perhaps only have the summer to do so. Summer camps are also a great starting point for newly qualified TEFL teachers to develop their teaching style and gain confidence to travel elsewhere in the world. Many TEFL summer camps also offer additional benefits including paid accommodation and meals.

Requirements for teaching English at a summer camp

To teach English in a summer camp all you need is to be a native English speaker with an official TEFL qualification – you don’t even need to have any previous teaching experience. If you are new to the world of TEFL you should take one of our Premier TEFL courses which will give you not only the qualification TEFL employers are looking for, but will train you in the skills and confidence you need to teach English abroad. As for other requirements, all summer camps are looking for enthusiastic and creative TEFL teachers who enjoy working with children and are ready for a challenge.

Applying for a TEFL job

Many TEFL companies recruit all year round but for summer camps it is a little different. The best time to apply for summer camps is from November to March. Once you have enrolled on one of our accredited TEFL Courses you will have exclusive access to our online TEFL Jobs Centre where you can log-in, browse through our jobs and apply directly to the employers offering the positions.

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