Vocabulary Post-Its [Teaching Tip]

Vocabulary learning trick!

Tired of setting the usual homework tasks? Bored of “Write the answers to this exercise” or “Write a story about blah blah blah”? Here’s a fun idea! Even if you think it may not work for your students, it might give you some ideas.

Vocabulary Post-Its activity for your students –

Walk around your home with 30 post-it notes and a pen. Write labels (e.g. “fridge”, “plug”) for as many things as you can and stick them on the objects. Then get a family member or friend to walk around rearranging all your labels randomly. Now, try putting them back in the right places.

Next day, bring in all your labels to class and compare them with your fellow students. How many things can you label in the classroom with these?

Happy labelling!

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