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Everyone who starts work at The TEFL Org takes a classroom and online TEFL course – even if they have previous EFL teaching experience! Two of our newest recruits, Paige and Richard, didn’t have the chance to get along to one of our classroom dates before COVID-19 hit and everything was turned a bit upside down.

But our newly-launched virtual classroom course provided the perfect alternative. If the location or timing of a classroom course isn’t convenient – or a global pandemic puts a halt to life – you can complete it online instead.

The virtual course is led by one of our highly experienced TEFL tutors and follows the same syllabus as our in-person classroom courses. Just like the classroom course, you’ll have the opportunity to create and deliver lesson plans, and participate in a range of fun and practical activities alongside other students.

Paige and Richard are halfway through the course, so we asked them to give their honest review so far.

Richard, TEFL Advisor

As a former EFL teacher, and trainer, I was also sceptical as to how effective this kind of teaching practice could be to the group, in a virtual setting.

Any pre-nerves or scepticism completely disappeared within the first minute of the session. I was one of the last of the fifteen students to join the online meeting room, but as soon as I logged on, Alex the trainer briefly stopped her conversation with another member to welcome me to the group with a warm smile – settling my nerves instantly.

I looked around at the other students, and noticed a great mix of ages, locations, and backgrounds, and a wide range in experience levels. Some were school leavers, looking to travel the world, others were from completely different work lives, but wanting to teach online into retirement, and some, like myself – had teaching experience, but wanted to sharpen up – get some practice in.But what surprised me the most, wasn’t the mix of students – I speak to people from all backgrounds every day here, and diversity is one of the great strengths of TEFL. It was how well the cohort worked together in the online, virtual classroom. I’d expected lots of technical issues – even just a few, but there were none!! Each session ran smoothly, no technical glitches from the trainer, or the students – other than one, who kept forgetting to unmute when she was speaking – resulting in some hilarious mimed instructions from everyone else.

Alex used some brilliant warmers and lead in activities to get us all relaxed and familiar with each other, and we were all talking very quickly, whilst always considering and discussing how this would be applied to our own classes. The students had much more talk time than I had anticipated, as well as the opportunity to ask questions and get demonstrations at every stage.

My session had a good group, with many great questions coming up. Something that was most noticeable to me – as a former teacher training, was the way that Alex handled every question. Not once was her answer rushed or even generic, she took her time to thoroughly explain or demonstrate things that I could then see the students apply later in the course. Despite this attention to every participant, the course still ran fluidly, coherently, and each element always finished exactly on time.

I didn’t realise how much I can still learn from a great trainer, and this course has now inspired me to consider teaching English again – though this time teaching online.

I really can’t recommend this course highly enough – a glimpse into the future of teacher training perhaps.

Paige, PR and Social Media Executive

I am the PR & Social Media Executive at The TEFL Org and I wanted to take the new 20-hour Virtual Classroom TEFL Course in order to understand what is involved in the course. Having experienced the course myself I can now promote the course to our potential customers and offer our current students relevant advice.

Our Virtual Classroom Courses were put in place as an alternative to our popular classroom courses as due to Covid-19 our classroom courses aren’t taking place at the moment. I completed the pre-course task before my first session and this gave me an insight into what the course included. The virtual classroom course was delivered over Zoom by one of our tutors, Alex. She guided us through how to plan, prepare and deliver lessons that are fun and engaging for all learner levels and age groups.

I was nervous at first as I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Virtual TEFL Course, but Alex made me feel comfortable within the first 5 minutes or so. It was clear from the beginning that everyone was in the same boat, which helped to make me feel comfortable from the offset. When joining the Zoom meeting and seeing all the other students, I noticed that we were all different ages and in different locations, but the fact that we were all there for the same reason was comforting. We were all starting out together, there to learn regardless of our backgrounds or age. Alex made the sessions thoroughly enjoyable and all the other students on the course were as eager to learn as I was. Everyone had a chance to get involved throughout the course, which improved the learning experience.

Alex has been an amazing tutor so far, she has kept us engaged throughout with the activities that she prepared. The warmers and lead in stage helped to make everyone feel at ease, which enabled us to chat with the other students fairly quickly.

The Sunday session involved a teaching practice session where I had to deliver my lesson plan to my peers. This activity was incredibly useful as it gave me valuable teaching experience and listening to the feedback afterwards has helped me to understand what I would do differently for my next teaching practice session, but also taught me what worked well and seeing everyone else’s lesson plans has given me inspiration for the future.

I highly recommend taking the Virtual TEFL Course if you are wanting practical experience and to gain a better idea of what a TEFL lesson might look like. I feel like I have already taken so much away from the course and I have only completed the first two sessions so far. I’m looking forward to this weekend for my last two sessions and then getting stuck in to complete the rest of the online course!

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