EFL teacher Laura teaching online

I had no prior teaching experience

“With no prior teaching experience, I completed the 120-hour TEFL course in September 2018 and immediately applied for jobs online, teaching English to Chinese children. That same weekend I was successful and booked in for an interview.”

EFL teacher Dan in South Korea

How to travel while earning money?

“A search on Google for “How to travel while earning money?” led me to ESL and the rest, they say, is history. I took the TEFL course, jumped on a plane to South Korea and started to lead a life that many of my friends back home were still dreaming of.”

EFL teacher Harriet in Mexico

There are more countries on my list

“Everything that I’ve learned over the past couple of years has helped me to become more confident, knowledgeable and also more relaxed as an English teacher. There are more countries on my list to visit and in which I’d like to teach English.”

Speak EZ, Thailand

“Speak EZ Language School’s partnership with TEFL.org has been excellent from the start as they provide us with enthusiastic teachers who enjoy teaching in Thailand. Speak EZ is a fully accredited school currently teaching over 10,000 students per week in Thai private schools around the Bangkok area with over 30 foreign teachers. We believe that View Full →

English First

“We know from first-hand experience of hiring many students from TEFL Org and placing them in teaching positions in our schools overseas that the quality of candidates we receive are excellent. The candidates have clearly benefited from taking a TEFL Org course and importantly the certificate they receive fulfills local visa requirements and can be View Full →

Mecha, China

“We are a British-owned educational consultancy company based in Yuyao City, China. Part of our work involves recruiting foreign teachers for our client schools, so we chose TEFL.org.uk as a recruiting partner. TEFL.org.uk is well-known in the teaching community in China for providing high quality, relevant courses to students and as we want to get View Full →

I look forward to teaching every day

I look forward to teaching every day because the children genuinely want to learn. The kids are eager to become better at English and that makes teaching so much fun! I feel I’ve really gotten to know the students in all of my different classes on a personal level. Saying goodbye to the students at View Full →