Philip Buckley

Elizabeth is a brilliant teacher and organiser. Her manner, pace and patience were faultless. The course, itself. was professional and thorough; I would happily recommend it!

Lynne Reid

I liked the variety of people on the course. Elizabeth the tutor was excellent and encouraged everyone. She had such a good teaching manner. Lovey person.

Lynda Johnson

Elizabeth, our instructor and host, was very good, made this course very enjoyable, took the nerves out of the presentation aspect and made it thoroughly enjoyable for all concerned!

Lyn Morgan

The tutor Alex, she was obviously massively experienced and this was evident when IT conspired against us. Like all good teachers she was calm and had many ‘workarounds’ up her sleeve. She was a ninja at bringing quiet folk into the class and found praise for all of us, which certainly helped with our nerves.

“I really enjoyed the class and I believe that it gave me a lot of knowledge and confidence. My aim was to learn and practise how to put the theory I had learnt during the TEFL course into practice. I believe the practicum was a great choice. There were 3 other students in my class View Full →

“I loved learning how to use Zoom and put to use lesson planning from previous courses taken. I really enjoyed being able to talk to others who are struggling to find a full time teaching job like I am.”

“This was a fantastic course! It really gave me a lot of confidence to start teaching online. It was great to be able to practise delivering lessons online, and the tutor was really supportive throughout.”

“I have practically all the TEFL qualifications with The TEFL Org. I signed up for the Online Teaching Practice to give myself a boost. In the six hours we had, it was a very good refresher. I would definitely recommend the course to TEFL course graduates.” 

Alan, found work in Abu Dhabi

One thing that struck me when we finished on the final evening of the course was how strange it felt that you would probably never see the other participants again. It was sad in a way. That’s how much fun we had in just one weekend, sharing this experience with one another. Our tutor was View Full →