Teaching English in the US

Everything You Need To Know About Teaching English in the US

We pride ourselves on offering our students some of the best ESL teaching opportunities out there. Our award-winning courses allow you to work in countless locations, from Chinese mega-cities to summer camps in Italy, quaint Polish villages to volunteering in Africa.

But, sometimes, teaching abroad just isn’t a viable prospect for many people, for all sorts of reasons. If you’re one of these people, then don’t worry – teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in the US is always an option! That’s right. There’s plenty of work to be found at home, teaching all sorts of people from a whole range of backgrounds.

Interested? Read on.

How Do I Start Teaching English in the US?

A certificate with TEFL Org is all you would need to start teaching! We always recommend our 120-hour Premier Online TEFL / TESOL course. This way you will have as much grammar and teaching methodologies knowledge as possible before you deliver your first lesson.

There are many opportunities for Teaching English in the US and, once you finish your course with us, you will have access to our TEFL Jobs Center which advertises jobs that employers have posted. However, you might want to start looking for students yourself and start to advertise as an EFL tutor locally. Teaching online, over the telephone and Skype are also great ways to teach from home! Our 120-hour Premier Online TEFL / TESOL course also contains a mini-module in teaching 1-to-1 which will give you the necessary training for taking on private students.

How Much Can I Earn?

The salaries for teaching in America can vary massively depending on how many hours you work and what type of teaching you do. As there is an array of different teaching possibilities in the shape of language schools, camps, private tutoring, and more, there is an equally large salary bracket.

Types of Schools and Students

There are hundreds of thousands of non-native English speakers who will be looking to improve their linguistic skills for reasons such as running their business, assimilating better into society, and to improve their chances of employment. This means you can expect a range of different demographics, but especially young adults who may have recently immigrated.

Private Language School

There are language schools across the country, mostly based in urban centers. Like any country, the bigger towns and cities will provide the widest variety of jobs. There will be more language schools in cities that tend to attract larger immigrant populations. If you are planning on working at a language center then you need to be sure you are comfortable with big-city life as it’s likely where you’ll have to work.

These schools feature a massive range of ages, nationalities, and backgrounds, which can be both exciting and challenging.

Business English 

Business English is popular in the US due to non-native speakers requiring it for future employment or running their own businesses. Classes can be taught through the language schools mentioned above, online, or through one-on-one lessons. As it’s more of a speciality field than general TESOL, you can expect higher pay. In return for the better wages, however, schools and students will expect experience or qualifications in something business-related. An example is our 30-hour Teaching Business English Course which provides sufficient training for employers and enhances your CV.

Private Tutoring 

The main benefit of teaching English is that it is extremely flexible! Working full-time, part-time, freelance or teaching night classes means you can find a schedule that suits you. With private tutoring, you have the opportunity to supplement your current income, make some money during college or top-up your retirement fund.

If you aren’t qualified, but interested in being a ESL teacher, check out our internationally recognised TEFL / TESOL courses.


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