Teaching English in the Dominican Republic

21 June 2012

Do you fancy teaching English in this island paradise? Becoming a TEFL teacher in the Dominican Republic allows you to experience a taste of the Caribbean way of life while getting paid.

domrep6Most TEFL Jobs are on a volunteer basis and qualified native English speakers are always welcome. In order to teach English in the Dominican Republic you will need to get an official TEFL certificate. At least 120 hours of TEFL training will allow you to gain the necessary skills and confidence you need for teaching English abroad. Therefore we recommend taking one of our Premier TEFL Courses.

The Dominican Republic was formerly ruled by Spain and shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, a former French colony. As the second-largest nation in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is a beautiful island nation with stunning beaches and a tropical climate. It’s no wonder it’s a hotspot for canny TEFL teachers.

Teaching English in the Dominican Republic offers an amazing opportunity for you to experience living in an idyllic holiday destination while improving the future prospects of many young people.

Interested? Check our TEFL Jobs Centre for more information and exclusive TEFL jobs found nowhere else. Keep in mind that only TEFL Org graduates can apply for these roles, so book your TEFL course today!

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